We have all seen uber modern houses made almost entirely of glass, and while they look incredible — and we’re jealous of all that natural light — they really aren’t practical (um, privacy, anyone?). Enter the house with the sliding roof. Designed by dRMM, this house in Suffolk, UK is made of glass and has a 20 ton mobile roof that glides over the whole unit at the push of a button.

At first glance, this rural home looks like a chic farmhouse. But remember the whole don’t judge a book by its cover thing? The entire mobile unit — measuring 52 feet long— slides over hidden tracks to reveal an annex, courtyard and full glass house, creating both enclosed and open-air living spaces in just six minutes. No need to shout “Open Sesame!” Movement is powered by four solar powered electric motors.

Depending on whether the roof is on or off, you can bathe under the stars or take in the lush landscape from the comfort of your couch. The house is composed of three main sections: a living area, an office space and a garage. Door openings are carefully spaced so that there is an always an exit in case a mechanism fails during the move.

The owners love their rural setting and wanted the home to reflect the farm buildings that surround it. Made from local timber, red and black stained larch and glass, the house is defined by materials and color. Fun fact: The distinctive red timber was designed to look like a Monopoly hotel piece and helps to insulate the house during the winter.

The Sliding Home offers an incredibly unique ability to interact directly with the environment depending on the season (imagine waking up to a white out in the winter!) or simply amaze all year round. It’s both beautiful and practical and manages to elegantly blend with its surroundings while providing a stunning and secure place to live.

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