Packing for camping trips and tailgating is no picnic. What food can you take that won’t spoil or doesn’t need to be refrigerated? Is that food really what you want to be eating for your next meal or few meals? Chances are, probably not, and we’re all left wishing someone would create a portable fridge could take with us on such occasions. Oh wait! Someone did. Meet Anywhere Fridge, a portable, rolling, solar-powered refrigerator that collapses down to the size of a briefcase.

Spencer Trotter‘s creation was sparked by his childhood memories of dragging a large cooler around door-to-door as he sold chocolates to help his family out. We’ve all dealt with melted chocolate and the mess that comes with it, so you can only imagine what he went through. Years later, Trotter designed the Anywhere Fridge, which now allows people to keep things cool on the go, without the bulk and hassle of a two-handled cooler.

A built-in thermostat allows users to set the temperature anywhere between eight and 75 degrees. It can run all day while charging its battery via solar power, which lasts eight hours on a full charge, but can also be recharged using a cigarette lighter or outlet. It features two USB outlets, for all of your phone and device charging needs, and comes in a large and small size. Both sizes collapse into a flat structure, and feature a handle and wheels for easy transportation. And now you’re thinking, “Tell me more,” right?!

Anywhere Fridge was on Indiegogo as of May 19 with a set goal of $1,000. When the campaign closed on July 19, approximately 12,165 percent of the goal had been reached, raising over $120,000 to support the production of this genius mini-appliance. They’ve since started another campaign that lasts until September 17, where a pledge of $199 gets you a small Anywhere Fridge, and $6,499 grants you 10 larges and 10 smalls (just what you need, right?). And if you don’t have a place for the fridge but still want to support, they welcome any contributions as small as $1 (but $25 gets you a sweet t-shirt!).

The success of this genius gadget reminds us of our friend The Coolest that we featured a little while ago, sharing some similar features and taking some up a notch, making us wonder what could possibly come next. And, although we may not know right now, we certainly can’t wait to tell you all about it when we do :)

What do you think about this high-tech, portable fridge? Would you take it on your next camping trip or picnic? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

(h/t Fast Company)