Hey, coffee-lovers! The folks over at Hey Joe Coffee just saved you (and your intern) lots of trips to the local coffee shop with their awesome new Kickstarter project: the Hey Joe Coffee Mug. It’s a travel-sized thermos that brews coffee on-the-go. Do you know what this means?! You can make your coffee on the way to work, people!

We’ve heard of mugs that regulate the temperature of your coffee, but brewing the actual drink, too?! That’s a first. Whether you’re stranded in the middle of a forest somewhere or staying up into the wee hours of the morning trying to finish that gosh darn paper, this fancy beverage maker has your caffeine needs covered.

Here’s how it works: Pour some water into the mug, insert a coffee filter and press the button. Push once for hot coffee, twice for piping hot and thrice for cold drip. Yup, you can make cold iced coffees, like, everyday now.

The $69 cup comes with pods packed with its own blends (Bold and House) that fit the device perfectly, but if you’re seriously obsessed with another favorite, you can pack it in like you would an espresso machine. If you want to pre-order this bad boy (obviously), you can get it for $49 off of their Kickstarter, due to arrive in November — just in time for hot beverage season. By the way, contributors have pledged just about four times their original $20,000 goal so it’s a sure thing. #Success

Are you a coffee-lover? Let us know how you’d use the Hey Joe Coffee Mug in the comments below!