Long gone are the days of straining your eyes all day just to avoid having to sport a pair of specs in public. For a few years now, glasses have not only been cool, but possibly even overly trendy. To anyone who’s been repeatedly asked if your prescription glasses are real, you know what we’re talking about. And while you can now rock all four of those eyes in style, it’s also becoming increasingly easy to own more than one pair thanks to the slew of online shops specializing in affordable eyewear. If you’re looking to switch up your frame game, take a gander at these eight online eyewear shops with glasses so trendy they’ll have you ditching those pesky contacts in no time.

1. Warby Parker: Unmistakably the head honcho of the online eyewear market, Warby Parker is full of fun frames with a modern and vintage spin. While a handful of their frames are similar to what you might find at similar sites, Warby Parker gained its popularity with their free at-home try on, where you can pick up to five frames and have them sent to you to test out for a week.

2. Coastal: If you’re somebody who likes a lot of options, head straight on over to this site. Coastal has tons of trendy plastic frames as well as pages and pages of simpler, more classically styled options as well. With loads of specs under $49, this spot definitely wins for affordability. (Photo via The Look Blog)

3. Lookmatic: Very similar to Warby Parker, Lookmatic offers super on-trend styles without the hefty price tag. Most frames come in at $99 and come with free shipping. While they don’t offer a try-on box, they do offer a virtual, 3D try-on using your webcam and a 15-day money back guarantee if you decide you don’t like them.

4. BonLook: To anyone who’s a sucker for a good collaboration, this brand has created frames with A Beautiful Mess AND Keiko Lynn. Our hearts just exploded a little bit. All the frames are stunning, but we’re particularly fond of these super unique champagne lenses for $99 (prescription included).

5. Eyefly: Eyefly, an offshoot of the popular online boutique Bluefly, is all about giving you a good deal. Here you’ll find frames designed by Christian Siriano coming in at just $124, and tons of other on-trend specs, all for about $94. Currently Eyefly only offers a virtual try-on, but an at-home try-on is promised to be coming soon.

6. Ozeal: If you’re a sucker for retro-styled frames, this is the spot for you. They offer a few frames on the more expensive side, like these purple cat eyes ($155), as well as some more affordable — although equally trendy — options like these chunky tortoiseshell frames ($60).

7. Classic Specs: Warby Parker, watch your back. This site offers all of Warby Parker’s incentives (trendy frames and at-home try-on) for about $10 less!

8. Jins: We’ve kept our eyes on this Japanese eyewear brand since they hit CES with a pair of smart glasses that help you from falling asleep at the wheel. The glasses’ anti-blue light technology allegedly helps any computer-glued eyes sleep better at night.

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