It’s that time of the month again, so you head to the pharmacy to pick up some supplies. You wander the aisles, pick up a few bottles of nail polish you definitely don’t need and finally make it to the “feminine hygiene” (why can’t they just say tampons and pads?!) aisle. You scan the boxes of tampons and settle on your most trusted brand — but can you really trust it? How much do you actually know about the products you’re putting into a very, well, intimate spot? These are the questions a new tampon brand wants you to be asking yourself to make your period suck less.


Conscious Period is a new line of 100% organic tampons with BPA-free plastic applicators that are challenging the tampon industry, which is seriously lacking in regulation. That means there can be some really sketchy, and potentially even toxic ingredients in your tampons. And there aren’t many people researching the effects these ingredients might have on our bodies.

Not only are they healthier, but they’re socially conscious too. YouTuber Ingrid Nilson recently put out a video collab with Conscious Period inspired by the company’s policy to give one box of pads to a woman who’s homeless for every box of tampons sold.


“Food stamps don’t cover tampons and pads, so they’re really cost-prohibitive for women in need,” co-founder Annie Lascoe told Ingrid in the video. She added that tampons are taxed as a luxury item in 40 states. Um, WHAT?!

So Ingrid and some friends, along with the Conscious Period ladies, assembled DIY hygiene kits that were later given to homeless women in the San Francisco area. An ultimate ladies-supporting-ladies initiative.

The company wrapped up an Indiegogo campaign (115% funded!), but if you want to support them, you can still donate here.

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(Photos via Conscious Period and Seventeen Magazine)