As much as we love all the awesome films featured at the Oscars, you know what we’re really in it for. The gowns, the jewels, and, of course, the hair! For the triumphant return of our Hair Hacks series, we took our three favorite Oscars hairdos and figured out how to recreate them. Follow the tutorials below to learn how to do each ‘do, starting with how to set your hair for any fancy hairstyle.

Set Your Hair

1. Start with clean, dry hair.

2. Section hair into sections about 2-3 inches a piece, and curl with a large iron.

3. Pin, and set using Kenra Platinum Hot Spray.

4. Let cool.

Maria Menounos – Braided Updo

We’ll start with this whimsical look, pulled off beautifully by Maria Menounos. Follow the steps below to do it yourself!

1. After pulling your hair out of the pins and combing out, part your hair in the middle. Use a comb to make sure your part is perfect.

2. Back comb the roots around the entire crown of your head.

3. Smooth down hair and start on one side by doing a messy waterfall-style French braid. (Pro tip: Use the end of a Rat Tail Comb to loosen the crown of the hair after braided to make a more unkempt look.) Repeat on the other side.

4. Take both sections and tie into a ponytail. Use bobby pins to create more volume.

5. Split pony into two sections.

6. Twist each section and back comb the twist to create a full section of hair that you will roll up.

7. Roll each twist up and secure by cross pinning bobby pins.

8. The secret to this look is the unkempt finish. It should look a little bit imperfect!

9. Love that side view :)

Sandra Bullock – Glamorous Retro Curls

Channel old Hollywood glamour with this timeless style.

1. Pull the pins out of your set hair.

2. Looking a little more like Curly Sue than Sandy B. at this point ;)

3. Use Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine Cream through the hair to bond curls and give a light sheen.

4. Flip hair upside down and run the cream through the curls.

5. Back comb the roots for volume.

6. Pull hair to one side and secure by cross pinning with bobby pins.

7. Reinforce curls by twisting them into their existing curl and smooth down.

8. Shhh, no one will believe how easy this is!

9. Ready for your close up? Yes indeedy.

Olivia Wilde – Perfectly Tousled Updo

Didn’t Olivia Wilde look like the chicest mama-to-be around? The effortless style of her updo was totally on point. See how it’s done below.

1. Place a dramatic side part in your hair and use a duck bill clip to hold the top section of hair on the side you parted it on.

2. Back comb the entire crown of your head to give more volume.

3. Smooth down hair.

4. Pull hair back into a low tousled pony tail.

5. Comb hair and twist to smooth out curls.

6. Use KMS HairPlay Dry Wax to mend all the fly away ends and continue to twist up. Secure with a bobby pin.

7. Using a wand, go back and curl the front section you set aside. Curl into two or three curls.

8. Back comb to loosen and then pin in place.

9. Va-va-voom!

The only question left is: Which style does the award go to?!

What hairstyles have you seen recently that you’d like us to try hacking? Talk to us in the comments below.