We expect that many of you have long sent your George Foreman grills to the thrift store, but Palate will make you want to put a tabletop grill back in your kitchen. With advanced precision cooking technology, the forthcoming Palate grill will allow you to create perfectly done food every time. They claim it’s impossible to overcook or undercook anything, ever. Basically, it’s sorcery and we wants it.

Sous vide and precision cooking techniques have been a topic of conversation on Brit + Co for a while now, with amazing gadgets like Nomiku and other companies developing new tech for this tried-and-true cooking style. If you’re not familiar with precision temperature cooking, it’s the process of cooking food at a precise temperature to keep results consistent and done-ness perfect. Up to this point, many of these devices have involved water baths to keep the cooking temperatures stable (based on sous vide techniques).

Palate has applied that technology to an approachable electric grill, equipped with software and sensors that automatically adjust the cooking process depending on your exact food. “With the Palate Smart Grill, you start the cooking with a few taps on an iPad, and the grill executes a precision-temperature cooking process that cooks the food exactly the way you want it,” said CEO Eric Norman in a piece by TechCrunch. “With the Smart Grill’s technology, food is cooked perfectly even if the meal is delayed because guests are an hour late; it’s impossible to overcook or undercook the food.” What! Our friends are always late, so the fact that this grill will hold the food exactly as it should be without overcooking it is crazy. Wizardry, really.

You can control the grill using a complimentary iPad app, and consult recipes and adjust your plan while it’s cooking. Like when you realize your friends are late again. With traditional sous vide systems, you can’t brown or sear food, but Palate will sear steaks, caramelize onions, fry eggs and do everything a normal grill can do — but better. You can also use it to make the best grilled cheese sandwiches, like you used to do with your ol’ George Foreman.

Palate doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can sign up on their site to be notified when they have big updates to share.

Have you tried precision temperature cooking? Let us know what you think!