You allot a lot of DVR space to watching the pros whip up culinary masterpieces, but you’re not going to be able to make dishes that delicious through remote control osmosis. You actually have to get cookin’! We have the secret ingredient to going from flop chef to top chef and all it involves is a pot, some water, a Ziploc bag and your kitchen’s new secret ingredient: Nomiku.

Nomiku is the world’s most compact immersion circulator, which might make you say “ooo!” or might make you go, “huh?” It’s a simple gadget that will help you create complex dishes tasty enough to turn your home into dinner party central. It uses the “sous-vide” technique of cooking food in airtight bags within a water bath. A pot, water and Ziploc gives you the water bath and Nomiku controls the temperature and time with an intuitive touchscreen and a knob.

The creator of Nomiku wants you to see how easy fancy cooking can be, so working your new compact kitchen candy is as simple as turning on a faucet. Got that? With a flick of the wrist, you can sous-vide — a process that was once complicated to master and expensive to do at home.

Let’s talk breakfast, lunch, dinner and (personal favorite alert!) dessert in your new post-Nomiku world. Using the tool clipped to a pot, you can sous-vide up yourself some PERFECTLY poached eggs for ultimate brunch bragging rights, medium rare steak that’s as prime as they come and ensure fully-satisfied sweet teeth with custard created in about 20 minutes. Suddenly “eating in” is an even bigger treat than hitting up that Michelin-starred spot you read a review on the other day. And don’t forget, you’re the star chef here so make sure your friends give you credit when they post your food porn all up on the ‘Gram.

The gadget’s official site (which is so cute we could just eat it up) has a recipe section that will make you do the happy dance over its sheer simplicity. Most of them are as easy as ingredients, temperature, time, eat. A few feature directions, but “put ingredients in a bag” are pretty easy to follow, wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe you’ve noticed a common theme here at Brit + Co: We want you to feel empowered to make the dishes you Pin and the treats you dogear in your monthly mags. That’s why we erupt into jazz hands when we find products that are tools for these dreams to become tasty realities. Nomiku wants to help you craft a dish that’s way more enjoyable and just about as easy as heating up that Hungry Man was last night. Yeah, we saw you. It’s time to pack up your plastic knives and put on your adult chef pants: Order Nomiku now for $300.

Do you need Nomiku in your kitchen? What’s the most adventurous dish you’ve ever cooked up? Share below!