There’s no end to advice about eating. Every year there are new diets to try, new promises that are broken and more studies about the apparent benefit of omega 3s or bacon or Chilean Sea Bass or whatever. Luckily, there are also guys like Dr. Anthony Gustin out there. His blog, The Paleo Fix, is an amazing resource for those who are interested in potentially going Paleo. Looking at his recipes, it’s hard not to at least be tempted. Since he practices what he preaches, we were super excited he agreed to sit down with us and chat about nutrition, fitness and treats.

Paleo can increase your energy


We talked to Dr. Gustin about his transition to going all Paleo, and he told us, “Paleo helped me get lean and shredded effortlessly, without overthinking my meals or calories. The Paleo lifestyle has also reduced my overall inflammation, resulting in decreased bloating, aches and pains. My focus has improved, energy increased, skin cleared and I feel much healthier. I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, but my overall physique has definitely improved.

Paleo can, however, be used to achieve significant weight loss. The vast majority of my patients who switch from conventional eating to Paleo for the first time report rapid weight loss without hunger or calorie counting. This mainly comes from a reduction in inflammation and repair of hormone secretion by removing sugars, grains and other processed foods and replacing them with foods that humans are meant to eat.”

Diet is key in weight loss


Dr. Gustin shared that the number one weight-loss myth is that running and exercise make you lose weight. He says, “You can’t train enough to compensate for a poor diet. Physical activity definitely has plenty of benefits, and is great for toning up an already lean person. But eating a donut and trying to run it off on the treadmill is never going to work. Muscle and definition is gained in the gym and fat is lost in the kitchen.”

Paleo eaters can still eat treats


We love that there’s a treat section on Dr. Gustin’s blog, which takes the sting out of going Paleo. He shared with us, “Of course I love a paleo treat every now and then. My favorite from the site is our guilt-free coconut milk custard. Many Paleo treats are still treats though, so I recommend paleo newbies still get the vast amount of their nutrition from nutrient-dense whole foods.”

You can do Paleo at your own pace

mexican salad

Dr. Gustin offers two distinct guides for starting a Paleo diet, the 30-Minute Paleo Guide and the 30-Day Paleo Guide. He recommends the 30-Minute Paleo Guide for people who are ready to take an all-or-nothing shot at Paleo. He says, “It should only take about 30 minutes to review all of the dos and don’ts and then run from there. It’s best for the ultra-motivated and stubborn personality type (myself included). That all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work for everyone, though, which is why we made 30-Day Paleo Guide as well. 30-Day Paleo is more of a step-by-step introduction to eating better and optimizing your lifestyle for maximum health.”

You can keep Paleo, even in restaurants


We asked Dr. Gustin how to keep Paleo when eating out, and he told us, “As always, if you want to be successful at something, the best way is to surround yourself with other like-minded people. If that’s not possible though, I would certainly not be afraid or self-conscious to make modifications to meals when you’re out! Getting a lettuce wrap in place of a bun or a side salad instead of bread shouldn’t stir up too much controversy.”

Dr. Gustin’s Favorite Recipe


Finally, Dr. Gustin shared his favorite recipes, which are any of the skillet recipes that his blog features. He says, “Nothing is easier and more satisfying than to be able to cook, eat from and clean just one dish! They are hearty enough for several servings, taste amazing and look great too. You can change them up so effortlessly and use up leftover veggies in a snap.” We call that a win!

Interested in learning more about Dr. Gustin or attending one of his nutrition seminars? Check here for more information, and let us know your thoughts on Paleo in the comments below!