Now that the holiday season parade of indulgences is (sadly) coming to a close, it鈥檚 time to start thinking up New Year鈥檚 resolutions 鈥 and going Paleo may be just the ticket. Because really, chowing down on bacon and losing that holiday bloat is pretty rad. And even though it may seem hard鈥 good news, it鈥檚 not! We鈥檝e compiled awesome Paleo Instagrams to follow to get you inspired. From bonafide nutritionists to expert-level hobbyists, these primal eaters make it look easy. And delicious. Mostly, delicious.

nom nom

1. Nom Nom Paleo: Arguably the most famous Paleo food blogger, mom and home-cook-extraordinaire Michelle does it all, from gorgeous photos to practical advice. And don鈥檛 forget the cookbook. She鈥檚 been called the Martha Stewart of Paleo, and we agree.


2. Cappellos: One of the most daunting things about taking on the Paleo diet is the (totally valid) concern that giving up treats like pasta and cookies is just not reasonable. Welp, newsflash: You can totally still eat those things, and they鈥檒l totally still be delicious. And from this gluten free, grain free company you can get the goods delivered right to your face.

stupid easy

3. Stupid Easy Paleo: Hit up two of your resolutions at once when you follow this lady. Not only is she a great Paleo food cook and photographer, she鈥檚 also a complete CrossFit fiend. Watch her take on back squats heavier than you are, then see the protein packed meals she eats that enable her to do it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 1.40.10 AM

4. Annie D鈥橲ouza: The fabulous Annie is on team Brit + Co, and as if that wasn鈥檛 enough reason to follow her, she also runs an amazing blog of her own. Worthy Pause shares Paleo recipes, beauty tips, wellness resources AND daily inspiration. So, obviously she鈥檚 amazing. Follow her immediately. It鈥檚 cool. We鈥檒l wait.

texas paleo couple

5. Texas Paleo Couple: And the cutest couple award goes to these guys, clearly. They鈥檙e just as gorgeous as their food and probably just as healthy. Their love for Brussels sprouts alone is enough to inspire some good primal eating, not to mention some really yummy lookin鈥 steaks.

paleo cupboard

6. Paleo Cupboard: This working mom does it all. Her website touts some really great and really accessible recipes, and her Instagram account highlights her photographic talent. Her knack for framing food to look both delicious and artful is enviable. And her dedication to making desserts really sweetens the whole Paleo resolution deal.

paleo San Francisco

7. Paleo San Francisco: There鈥檚 no biographical information for this fantastic Instagrammer, but that doesn鈥檛 make us any less keen to be their friend. We share a city, first of all, but they also serve up some pretty scrumptious-looking foods. And also have some pretty adorable canine friends.

paleo chef

8. Paleo Chef: Go pro with the fabulous Paleo Chef. She鈥檚 a personal chef (sign us up, please) a fitness queen and lifestyle coach. If there was any motivation to go Paleo, looking at the bacon and scotch-filled feed of this badass hottie may just do the trick.

paleo parents

9. Paleo Parents: These parents aren鈥檛 just podcasters, master home cookers and loving parents of three. The Paleo diet helped these two, in the course of a single year, combat post-partum depression and, brace yourselves, lose almost 200 pounds. 200 pounds. If that鈥檚 not a New Year鈥檚 inspiration, we don鈥檛 know what is.

paleo therapy

10. Paleo Therapy: This Aussie has built up a bulky following on Instagram for a reason: Her food pics are glorious. Paleo or not, you gotta concede that her dishes make tantalizing photographs, and her commitment to full-fat ingredients has our mouths watering.


11. 4505 Meats: Okay, so, strictly speaking, this isn鈥檛 a Paleo account. But if you need inspiration to go fully carnivorous, these butchers have got you more than covered. Lumbersexual lovers, lookout. You鈥檒l love this account for more than one reason.

paleo fix

12. The Paleo Fix: Here鈥檚 where we get to the expert-level, black-belt-ninja status of Paleo accounts. Dr. Gustin is a certified sports physician, CrossFit coach, Paleo food cook and blogger and certified strength and conditioning specialist. As if that weren鈥檛 enough, he also tours the country giving workshops and talks on nutrition.

eat drink paleo

13. Eat Drink Paleo: Splitting her time between London and Sydney, this multitalented Paleo cookbook author and blogger has got one of the most gorgeously photographed menus out there. And if health looks this good, we鈥檙e all over it.

Bacon or butter? What Paleo ingredient do you love the most? Tell us in the comments!