Paperless Post is… no longer paperless? Paperless Post, an online communication company, has recently announced a new line of products called “Paper.” With Paper, they’ve extended their online platform to also send hard copies of your beautiful creations! Here at Brit + Co, we definitely like having the option of sending soft and hard copies, such as with Lettrs and the Weduary + Sincerely collaboration. Today’s modern etiquette calls for using both digital and analog invitations and greeting cards depending on the formality of your event.

Ironically, Paperless Post’s original mission was to ensure that e-communication could be as beautiful and well-designed as paper, without the paper. Now, it seems like they would like to add the ability to not only send personalized digital communication, but also be able to print physical copies. This puts the company in a prime position to compete with customizable stationery sites like Minted and Evite.

Creating cards is simple. You start off by choosing the category (card, invitation, etc.) and then choose a template.

From there, you can start customizing to your heart’s content! The Paperless interface is super duper easy to navigate. It shows the actual card, and you can click anywhere to edit the fonts, colors, and actual message. It’s foolproof.

Want to take your card designs one step further? You can even change the liner of the envelope to suit your tastes!

After finalizing your card, just enter the type of mailing (card, announcement, etc.), email, recipient list, and additional information.

You can have a final preview of the card before emailing, mailing, or sharing on social media. Note that depending on your design, you may be asked to pay a small fee for printing or sending your cards.

Would you start sending more paper cards with Paper by Paperless?