It seems to us that it’s about time a product bridged the gap between cutesy, crafty letters and impersonal web mail as correspondence. And it looks like the makers of Lettrs agreed. Members of Lettrs use the online platform to upload and curate letters as well as to create and share their own. The kicker? You can have your online creations professionally printed and sent to anyone via mail. No more choosing between personalized stationery and email – Lettrs gives you the best of both worlds and more!

Although it feels like all things written are being replaced and made obsolete by their digital counterparts, there is still nostalgic value attached to the physical greeting card, letter, or invitation. And with wedding season in full swing, there are loads of couples and newlyweds in need of an innovative way to send save-the-dates, thank you notes, and more. Just be sure to do the rest of your wedding planning with Weduary.

Your personal page on Lettrs includes a writing desk, kitchen counter, fridge, and shoebox. The writing desk is, as you may have guessed, the creative platform where users can create their own unique letters, cards, thank yous, etc. The kitchen counter is a private space where Lettrs addressed to you can be viewed out of public view. Your fridge is where you post all of your favorite originals, relics, shared, and more for all to see and enjoy (think of it as your public profile). And finally, the aptly-named shoebox is where users hold onto special items for their eyes only – sort of like the shoebox in your attic.

When you find or create an item on Lettrs, you have the options of sending it within the website to a friend's kitchen counter or fridge, sending the image via email, or (and this is the kicker) having the letter printed and sent in the mail from Lettrs HQ in Connecticut. No more hassles with stamps. No more guilt for sending personal messages via email.

So stay in touch with family and friends. Finally write those birthday, graduation, or wedding thank yous that you never got around to. Or just browse the cool and creative content already on the site. Whatever your correspondence goals are, Lettrs has you covered. Check it out and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter or by leaving a comment below.