Alternative hair colors, once so shocking, are almost the norm now. We see them on runways, celebrities and even on our BFFs. When it comes to hair color these days, anything goes. But there’s no doubt about it; pastel hairstyles always look fresh for spring.

If you are thinking of going pastel this spring, you could make an appointment with your colorist, who will first strip your natural color. It definitely makes the dye last longer. On the other hand, you can also DIY, using a product like Manic Panic, which eventually washes out.

Tish and Snooky Bellomo, the creators of Manic Panic, can tell you exactly when the first pastel hair trend started to explode. It was 2010, and they were seeing their product “Pastel-izer” — a white cream that can be added to any color to make a lighter version of it — blowing off the shelves at Rickie’s. The two sisters, who happen to have been backup singers for Blondie, definitely know their hair color. Manic Panic has been the go-to brand for those seeking shock locks for about 40 years now since the sisters opened their first shop in the East Village in New York City. The sisters called it on that pastel trend. By spring-summer 2012 fashion week, models were prancing up and down the runway, sporting hair in “alternative” hues. Remember America’s Next Top Model winner Sophie Sumner’s pale pink hair? She looked like an elfin fairy from Middle Earth. After that it seemed like every other celebrity took the dye plunge: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga.

Pastel begat ombre. Ombre begat dip dye. What we’re seeing now is multiple colors and multiple hues. Don’t even wait for the next trend to come along. It’s spring; get some color in those tresses! You know the saying: Everything old is new again.

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