Spring can鈥檛 come soon enough. If you鈥檙e anything like us, you鈥檙e just about as over these gray days and white-outs as you are your winter 鈥榙o. To say we鈥檙e impatient to switch up our hair color is putting it gently: We鈥檙e already daydreaming about a warm-weather color change, and we鈥檙e thinking pastel. By now, pastel hair is no longer reserved for punk princesses or celebrity style trailblazers. True, we love to take inspiration from our famous friends (a la Hilary Duff鈥檚 pink hair), but we鈥檙e also living in a time when pastel hair at home is a reality for anyone with a little courage and a flexible dress code. As you begin to contemplate the shape your springtime makeover will take, consider these fun and fresh ways to style pastel locks that鈥檒l have you itching for spring to arrive.

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1. Mermaid Curls: These dreamy blue-green curls evoke all the power and beauty of the sea. Mermaid goals, for real. (via @imlouisechantal)

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2. Cotton Candy Crown: Channel all those childhood Barbie-girl vibes with an added boho twist. Add in small pieces of purple and blue to give it extra depth and glam. (via @theconfessionsofahairstylist)

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3. Envy-Inducing Bob: An emerald tone for your locks is super pretty, but its softer counterpart is just as nice. An earthy, milky colored lob with blunt bangs is as unexpected as it is beautiful. (via @michellemoe)

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4. Lazy-Girl Rainbow: Not sure about going all in with your hair dye? A low-mainetance dye job and lazy-girl waves will give you some fun, fresh color without being too loud. (via @shelleygregoryhair)

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5. Purple Bob: A bottle of violet dye makes for a super simple upgrade to your wintertime lob or bob cut. Ask your stylist to include some deeper tones and lighter fuchsia pieces to act as highlights and lowlights. (via @jhamje)

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6. Throwback Rolls: Retro-loving gals and vintage enthusiasts, this is the 鈥榙o for you. Rose quartz and Serenity聽locks styled into classic victory rolls work well with your nine-to-five 鈥榝it or a weekend stroll in the park with your boo. (via @hairbymisskellyo)

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7. Half-Up + Multi-Color: If you鈥檙e really feeling the greenery of springtime, chartreuse dyed tresses will have you looking like Mother Earth herself. Wear a half-pony or top knot to reveal teal, yellow and peach segments for maximum dimension. (via @jadethelibra)

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8. Pink Pixie: This reverse ombre effect on a curly pixie is everything. Bonus points for rocking matching brows (and mani鈥 and lips鈥). (via @tikicaldwell)

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9. All Unicorn Everything: Combine two of the past year鈥檚 best hair trends and fully embrace your inner unicorn with a rainbow braid and mega sparkly glitter roots. This fun 鈥榙o is Lisa Frank incarnate. (via @erikadawnshear)

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10. Pattern Play: This simple style looks so gorg in an ethereal blue dye pattern. Striped sections of blue fade gently into one another to create a sort of rippled water effect put on display by stick-stright locks. (via @caitlinfordhair)

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11. Seafoam Glam: Ahoy there, sea punks. What鈥檚 better than seafoam green hair? Seafoam green hair with ombre and some killer French braids. (via @tori_stewart93)

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12. Vibrant Violet: Long, loose curls complement layers of royal blue, turquoise, purple and pink for a gorgeous springtime look is created. Just picture how breathtaking this style looks in motion. (via @go_coiff_yourself)

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13. Monochrome Magic: If you鈥檙e aiming for one solid color, this is a super lovely option. Mellowed-out electric purple tresses look ultra feminine and flirty when they鈥檙e done up in matching twin braids. (via @marinaravok)

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14. Pastel Pleats: If this is what it means to have the blues, count us in. These baby blue box braids are as bright and lovely as the springtime sky, and we simply cannot get enough. (via @2jam4u)

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