Pastels are doing anything but keeping to their quiet, pale selves this season, especially in the beauty world where they’re making your spring makeup routine a heck of a lot more exciting. Now, the classic red lip becomes a more modern sherbet pout and eyes are softened by powdery mint and lavender in place of a fierce smoky eye. Sounds swoon-worthy, right? See for yourself! Take a look at the dreamiest eye candy around—these 20 looks show the prettiest (and most Pinnable) of possibilities.

1. All-Over Lilac Lids: Why waste your time blending that smoky eye when you can just do it one-and-done style with one shade of bright lilac? (via Visual Optimism)

2. Tri-Colored Eyes: This chick is styled to eclectic perfection and the edgy eye look fits right in. Once we’ve prettied our lids like so, we’re going straight for a copycat mani. (via Martin Sweers via Behance)

3. Mint Eyes and Sherbet Lip: On its own, the matte sherbet lip is stunning, but paired with just a touch of mint green eye shadow, the look is out of this world. Definitely inspo for your next springy cocktail party. (via Allure)

4. Powder Blue Cat Eye: Add a swipe of milky blue eyeshadow over a navy cat eye for a vintage-inspired look that channels all the grace of Jackie O. (via Eyeshadow Lipstick)

5. Orange to Pink: This look is like whoa — an ombre orange-to-pink fade across eyes, cheeks and lips! It’s a beautiful risk. (via Catalog Fash)

6. Color Block Eyes: When being subtle doesn’t cut it. Go big with full on blocks of pastel eyeshadow and follow it up with a hot lip color. (via Style Nanda)

7. Radiant Orchid Lips: Pantone called this one early, and we have to say, this silky pink shade looks nothing less than radiant. (via Obaz)

8. Powdery Inner Eyes: A hint of duck egg blue along the inner eye not only makes your eyes look wider, but also more fabulous. We’re even swooning over that Nicole Richie copycat hair. (via Pastel Haired Models)

9. A Pop of Pastel: Yes, you can use pastel hues in your everyday makeup look. Try dotting mint or teal shadow under the center of each eye for a subtle, yet extra special pop. (via NastyGal Blog)

10. Pastel Pout: A little pastel lipstick can go a long way, as this gif clearly shows. See how the same bronzed, sporty look has a totally different vibe depending on the lips? So cool! (via NastyGal Blog)

11. Galaxy Eyes: This far-out makeup deserves such an extreme close up. The mix of peach, lavender and mint is a way cool riff on the galaxy trend. (via Catalog Fash)

12. Peach Palette: Newsflash: Peach is the new EVERYTHING! Can you believe how graceful it looks sweeping over lids, cheeks and lips (uh and nails OMG!)! (via Catalog Fash)

13. Pink and Sherbet Eyes: We give this high-fashion look a high five. It proves that pink and sherbet should always be BFFs. (via Catalog Fash)

14. Lilac Lids: Leap into the pastel trend with lilac eye shadow. It’s a color that’s soft and edgy at the same time — totally festival-ready when paired with a hot pink lip and jeweled crown. (via PostImg)

15. Rainbow Eyeshadow: From the runway to the Pinterest board, these rainbow eyelids are killing it! This bold palette looks just right while other features are kept fresh and natural. (via Beauty Editor)

16. Bold Blush: We’re gushing over this editorial look that’s pure pastel fantasy. Can we talk about that cheekbone definition, please? (via Eyeshadow Lipstick)

17. Mod-Inspired: Peach eyeshadow looks insanely proper against those thick, mod lashes. The vintage hairdo keeps this look sugary sweet. (via Beauty Editor)

18. Futuristic Powder Blue: This futuristic makeup is the definition of fierce and we’re all for anything that’s both head turning and high glam. (via Catalog Fash)

19. Minty Shadow as Eyeliner: Pass up the eyeliner to get this pretty in punk look that’s all about the color smudge. Keep things tidy by giving your brows some TLC. (via Top Dreamer)

20. Bold Blended Bands: This makeup looks like straight up art. Bright blush and eyeshadow is blended into a runway-worthy masterpiece. (via Dreamsicle Heart)

What looks are you most likely to Pin? Which pastel makeup trend will you try at home? Tell us in the comments below.