It’s true. I’m a patternaholic. I’ve written about it countless times before, and I’m sure I’ll cover the topic many times again. But this time, I’m sharing my love of patterns with Y-O-U! Anjelika Temple here, Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner at Brit + Co, and a self-proclaimed pattern addict. When I took a sneak peek of our new Text Effects in Illustrator Class with the powerhouse creative gal behind Printable Crush, I knew it was finally time to don my rather dusty designer hat again and put that pattern love to use.

In this design class, I learned that it was surprisingly easy to turn any collection of painted blobs into a repeating, multi-colored pattern. And then, the zinger: You can fill type with that pattern. Patterns on type on patterns. Oh yes.

Scroll on to check out (and download) my first trio of patterned mobile wallpapers, just waiting to adorn the background of your phone :)

Download Caribbean Blue Blobs (left)

Download OMG OMG OMG (center)

Download Frenzied Lilac Shapes (right)

Hope these add a little bit of color and whimsy to your digital lifeline. I’m excited to keep practicing my pattern-making skills; stay tuned for more fun patterns by yours truly.

Check out our whole collection of free desktop and mobile wallpapers right here. (P.S. No coincidence that the color palette of my wallpapers matches my newly painted office perfectly!)

What other types of wallpapers would you like to see? Send us a DM on Instagram @BritandCo!

Design: Anjelika Temple

Photography: Brittany Griffin