As you may have read about (right here!), we’re writing our very first book. It’s been a pretty crazy process of making, photographing and writing like mad over the last few weeks, including scouting out brand new locations for each chapter of our opus on being a homemaker. To illustrate each of the rooms featured in the book, we partnered with Airbnb to hand-select their most beautiful San Francisco homes.

One of the things that makes Airbnb so incredible is the fact that each place you stay has its own unique host, whose decor and design help to create a fun and one-of-a-kind experience. Our book shoots were no exception! Each of the properties we visited while shooting showcased something unusual that we couldn’t help but be inspired by.

Part of Airbnb’s Views campaign, this interior inspiration series is all about the fact that through staying at different homes around the world, you can get a truly fresh perspective on travel, life and, even creative interior design!

When it comes to interior design, we’re all about mixing in unexpected pops of color and pattern wherever we can. A bright orange accent wall? Yes please. A neon green chevron pendant lamp? We’ll take it. After all, these are the interior design moments that make your home uniquely yours and are what your friends, family and other guests remember. One of our favorite ways to mix things up is by adding colorful patterned textiles to every room in our homes. Enter, the art of the accent pillow.

The photos above were both taken at this Ocean Beach condo here in San Francisco. In this seaside property, you can see the ocean from the dining table, from the couch, or from this chair that looks like the perfect nook for spending a day with a good book. I imagine that it’s pretty breathtaking to wake up and say hello to the Pacific every morning.

Of course, we’re not just going to show you a bunch of pretty images of a beautiful beachfront property. Now, it’s time for us to show you how to create your own mish mash of patterns inspired by the gorgeous pillows you see above. Here are 20 pillows that we think are the bee’s super-patterned knees.

1. Geo-Patchwork Pillow ($39): Why not put all that mixing and matching on one pillow? ;) We love the ’80s vibe of this option.

2. Black Cross on White ($27): Plus signs are kind of our jam, and this minimalist take would make for a good visual rest in a mix of crazy patterned pillows.

3. Tryst ($30): Go luxe with metallic gold triangles and your newest main squeeze will be very impressed.

4. Ribbons Overlay Pillow ($31): The colors on this ribbon-inspired pattern are so darn close to ours. So naturally, we love it.

5. Geo Stripe Pillow ($168): This beauty from Anthropologie is one that you might just keep forever, making a splurge potentially worth it.

6. Sequin Cutwork Pillow Cover ($39): For folks who love a subtle touch of sparkle, this sequined option is all about style and not at all about New Year’s Eve.

7. Heavy Words 01 Pillow ($27): We will come back to this Society 6 pattern again and again — we even have a canvas version of it up in here at Brit HQ!

8. Biscayne Outdoor Pillow ($49): This sort of makes our eyes hurt, in a good way. The lines almost look like a sky filled with shooting stars… or lasers.

9. Happy Drops ($20): More drops! This time, the pattern is more neutral with a select few drops of color.

10. Nolita Chevrons ($39): Though a plain old chevron pattern is timeless, we’re all about taking it up a level with textural designs and bright colors.

11. Kilim Embroidery Pillow ($50): Speaking of bright colors, is it weird that I kind of want to wear this pillow?

12. Color Block Pillow ($35): Now that is a color blocked pillow! This chromatic grid makes our color-obsessed hearts sing.

13. Safavieh Summer Lime Pillows ($45 for two): See? Paisley isn’t all bad! Especially when remixed with a modern color palette.

14. Dance 3 ($39): Those dots do look like they’re dancing, don’t they?

15. Starlit Embroidery Pillow ($40): Doesn’t the perfection of that texture just make you happy? Or is it just the weird perfectionist in us?

16. Aztec No. 1 Monotone Pillow ($27): Take a break from the color blocks and go monotone but still patterned.

17. Bisect Pillow ($35): If you like a shabbier line, try these painterly plus signs on for size.

18. Janey Rose and Gold Pillow ($40): This combination of rose gold, black and gold is sleek and sophisticated.

19. Geometric Links ($24): This pillow has a sort of Scandinavian feel to it, with intersecting geometric links and red and gray tones.

20. Pastel Geometric ($20): And finally, a color blocked geometric print that’s perfect for spring.

What kind of pops of color or pattern do you have in your home? What other design elements do you add to your home to personalize it and make it uniquely yours? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Airbnb. Book a room with Airbnb and get a unique view of the world.