Spring is off to an exciting start here at Brit HQ! Brit + Co SF next door is in full bloom, we’re less than a month away from Re:Make Austin, and today I have even more news to share with you: we’re writing a book!

The book is called Homemakers, a term that is now used rarely in our generation, but was once the standard title for nearly all women. We thought it was time to rewrite the rules and redefine that controversial homemaker title, too.

Why now? We’re all using technology in different ways than our mothers and grandmothers, and that change has fundamentally impacted how we run our households. In fact, over the coming years, technology will literally change how we “make” at home — soon, our homes will be full of all kinds of gadgets that will help do the making for us. This book will explore that evolution over the decades, and will also act as a modern domestic handbook for today’s woman, covering all the basics of what you need to know about DIY, technology, and creativity in the home and beyond.

Homemakers is especially relevant for those of you who may have missed out on learning the 101s of Home Ec or Shop class and want to add creativity and order to your lives with minimal time and effort. Because, we get it: you’re a working professional or busy mom and your time is sacred. I feel ya, girl.

Oh, and like all things Brit + Co., this book is bound to be colorful, interactive, and very fun to read. You might even laugh once or twice.

But this book shouldn’t just come from me — we want you to help! After all, the “Co” in Brit + Co. stands for Community, and we want that community to have a voice in rewriting the rules for today’s modern domestic doyenne.

Here’s how to get yourself featured in the book:

1. Send us your favorite tips & tricks. Like, that one about how you tie a t-shirt around a cake pan to make your cakes bake flatter. Or your secret to organizing a spice drawer or pantry. Or even how you get the perfect smokey eye, clear up acne overnight, or pack for long trips in a carry-on. Written tips are great, awesome photos are even greater.

2. Send us your best DIY projects. We want to empower the world to become home makers (

3. Send us a photo of you dressed like a homemaker. Modern interpretations are totally okay. Get creative with it.

All submissions are due by April 30th, 2014. For full submission details, head here. Note that we will be providing paid compensation for those who are chosen to be featured.

Finally, if you aren’t up for any of the above, we’d at least love to know what you think “homemaker” means in today’s world. We’re planning to feature some of the best in the opening chapter. Please add your interpretation below.

I’m thrilled to be part of this journey with you guys and the rest of the Brit + Co. team. Can’t wait to see what we come up with together!



Do you have tip or trick that should be included in our book? Send it to us in an email to homemakers@brit.co!