Naming a baby can be pretty stressful. After dealing with parents鈥 and grandparents鈥 expectations, society鈥檚 often harsh judgments about originality and celebrities stealing your favorites, you probably just wish the pressure was off already. Well, now you can relaaaaaax, thanks to this list of super chill baby name suggestions. These creative baby names are all about peace, tranquility, serenity and calm, just like life with baby will be鈥 right?


Peaceful Girls鈥 Names

1. Alana/Alaina: Meaning 鈥渉armony,鈥 this pretty name lends itself to plenty of spelling variations if you want to give it an original twist.

2. Clementine: You might think of the citrus fruit first, but its meaning comes from 鈥渃lemency,鈥 as in mild and merciful.

3. Freda: Looking to get in touch with your German roots? This pretty and traditional name means 鈥減eaceful.鈥

4. Harmony: This on-the-nose harmonious name is a great pick for music lovers.

5. Irene: Given that Irene is the Greek goddess of peace, it鈥檚 no surprise that she rhymes with 鈥渟erene.鈥

6. Nalani: Meaning 鈥渃alm skies,鈥 this Hawaiian name is melodious and unique.

7. Olive/Olivia: What鈥檚 the international symbol for peace? The olive branch, of course! Extend it to your baby with either the #4 most popular girls鈥 name or the slightly more hipster version.

8. Paloma: The other ubiquitous symbol for peace is the dove, which is what this Spanish name means.

9. Paz: Here鈥檚 another Spanish name, meaning 鈥減eace.鈥 It鈥檚 also a Hebrew moniker and a great choice for those looking for a religious name.

10. Serena: Whether she turns out to be more of a Williams or a Van der Woodsen, your Serena will hopefully turn out to embody the 鈥渢ranquil and serene鈥 meaning behind her name.

11. Shiloh: Have you ever seen a name change its meaning so quickly? Once shared with the beagle from a classroom bookshelf staple, it鈥檚 now WAY more associated with Brangelina鈥檚 cutie. It happens to go all the way back to Biblical times and means 鈥渢ranquil.鈥

12. Winifred: Sure, it鈥檚 a bit of an old lady name, but you can always opt for the cute and trendy Winnie as a nickname. Both mean 鈥渂lessed peacemaking.鈥


Peaceful Boys鈥 Names

1. Axel/Axl: You might be surprised to learn that a name this rockin鈥 is actually Scandinavian and means 鈥渇ather of peace.鈥

2. Colm: A great Irish alternative to the more popular Colin, Colm means 鈥渄ove.鈥 Not to mention it鈥檚 only one letter off from calm.

3. Clement/Clemente: Both are the masculine form of Clementine and once again stand for mildness and mercy.

4. Fritz: Usually if something鈥檚 on the fritz, that means it鈥檚 freaking out. But the German name originally represents a 鈥減eaceful ruler.鈥

5. Galen: This Greek name means 鈥渃alm鈥 and also has ties to science. For all you nerdy parents out there 鈥 it was the name of a second-century physician, surgeon and philosopher credited with large contributions to early medicine.

6. Giotto: This peaceful name is the Italian spin on the name Godfrey, meaning 鈥減eace of God,鈥 and a close cousin of the way more popular Geoffrey.

7. Oliver: Just like little Olive and Olivia, Oliver is closely associated with the olive branch 鈥 a universal symbol of peace.

8. Pax/Paxton: Brangelina definitely know how to create a buzz around tranquil names. First Shiloh, then Pax, which is Latin for 鈥減eace.鈥 The unisex name Paxton is even more popular.

9. Sheehan: Want to get in on that last-names-as-first-names trend? Skip the usuals and try out this peaceful Irish surname.

10. Solomon: It鈥檚 about as Old Testament a name as they come, and has even greater Hebrew roots because it comes from the word shalom, meaning 鈥減eace.鈥

11. Stellan: Grab this Scandinavian name, meaning 鈥渃alm,鈥 before it catches on.

12. Tully: A strong alternative to Sully, this Irish surname works just as well as a given nickname.

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