Oreos are pretty much an after school (breakfast/bedtime/anytime) snack-time staple, but the iconic cookie is about to get one heck of a makeover. Meet the peanut butter and jelly Oreo.

Oh yes, Nabisco’s newest offering is basically Goober sandwiched between two blonde Oreos — and it’s here for a limited time. The ultimate childhood treat meets the number one childhood lunchtime staple? This is the stuff dreams are made of.

According to popular food Instagram Junk Banter, which teased the product on their page, this special version of the cookie will likely only be available at Kroger stores and their affiliates. And according to Junk Banter’s intel, the PB&J Oreo is in stock NOW.

Hopefully, the response will be positive enough that the company decides to keep it on as a permanent — or at least seasonal — flavor.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Junk Banter/Instagram + Getty)