A good pair of peep toes pumps is hard to find. But, once you find a pair that fits you, whether it’s a wedge or a traditional heel, you’ll never take ’em off. Of course, you don’t want to wear the same pair of shoes every single day with every single outfit. Enter today’s clever style hack. We’ll show how an easy-as-pie way to use VELCRO® Sticky Back Dots to change up your peep toe style, every day of the week!

 – VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Dots

– a pair of black peep toe shoes

– decorations for the top: 3D printed bows, wooden buttons, feathers, and fabric flowers

For choosing what you’re going to top those toes with, it’s best to stick with pairs of fairly lightweight things. We couldn’t resist printing up a pair of 3D bows (again), as well as finding other notions that fit the bill.

For the shoes, peep toe heels, flats, or wedges will work just fine.

First, place the hook side of one VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Dot on your first shoe.

Then place the loop side of the same VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Dots on the topper – in this case, a feather! Press the feather onto the peep toe, repeat on the other shoe, and you’re in business!

We did the same thing with fabric flowers.

And wooden buttons!

And finally, those 3D printed bows. They’re too cute.

Which pair is your favorite? What other fun items would you top your peep toes with? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Velcro Industries.