Damn, y鈥檃ll. Only a couple of weeks聽into 2017, and we鈥檙e already getting disheartening news. As part of the Obamacare repeal process underway, Planned Parenthood stands to lose its funding. The organization is overwhelmingly focused on providing vital care like wellness exams, cancer screenings, child healthcare 鈥 and birth control. Under the uncertainty of the past few months, women raced out to get an IUD,聽others are聽ordering birth control on their phones聽without a visit to the doctor and now there鈥檚 The Pill Club (TPC).


Founder Nick Chang calls the service 鈥渢he Birchbox for birth control,鈥 where subscribers get birth control delivered to their doorsteps in a well-designed little box. 鈥淚t takes two minutes to sign up,鈥 Nick says. You only need to fill out your personal information and tell TPC where your prescription is currently held, and they鈥檒l move it over for you. If you have a copay, you鈥檒l pay through TPC, just like you would at a walk-in pharmacy; if you don鈥檛 have insurance, they鈥檒l work to get you the lowest rate available for your prescription.

Additionally, you can text TPC with questions about your prescription at any time, and they鈥檒l get back to you the same way 鈥 no more spending your entire lunch break holding for your doctor. 鈥淚t鈥檚 hard for this generation to find healthcare services that are relatable,鈥 Nick says, pointing out that waiting in line at CVS doesn鈥檛 match how we interact with most services today. TPC is working to change that paradigm.

The delivery service itself is free to you as a subscriber: TPC earns money by billing insurance companies, Nick explains. Plus, he says while TPC is primarily a pharmacy, your monthly prescription will also come with fun samples: 鈥渙ther products in the reproductive health space, like natural tampons, condoms, lube 鈥 and chocolate!鈥 The TCP box brand and aesthetic is carefully curated, Nick says, because they want women to 鈥渓ook forward to their delivery each month鈥 and hope to 鈥渆nrich the experience鈥 of women鈥檚 reproductive health.

Nick says he sees TPC as a company that聽empowers women to make smart, safe choices about their reproductive health. And since this聽very tenet is already being threatened by the incoming US presidential administration, Nick says that TCP is accelerating the expansion of the prescription services they offer in some locations in addition to their delivery services. (Currently, TPC can write birth control prescriptions in California.) 鈥淲e鈥檙e focused on giving access to birth control to every woman; we want our patients to feel protected.鈥 It鈥檚 obvious that Nick is concerned about聽the wider implications of women鈥檚 reproductive health, and we love having someone working in solidarity with us聽in an otherwise uncertain time.

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(Photos via The Pill Club)