Sleeping can seriously cramp (crimp?) your hair’s style. All that tossing and turning can cause the bouncy curls you perfected during the day to fall flat for the next, or make hair that’s straight as a board have annoying kinks and creases in it. Besides having a glam squad at your beck and call, the other options for waking up with perfect hair IRL are as follows: You can set your alarm early and spend ample time in front of the mirror the next am (ugh), you can try to sleep sitting up, airplane-style (this is ridiculous and does not sound fun at all) or see if, subconsciously, you can will yourself from moving around a bunch while you doze (yeah right). We’re here to let you know that you don’t have to jump through so many hoops if you give pineappling a try. Nope, we’re not talking about the fruit here (although we did break out the pineapple lights for this shoot).


Pineappling is a specific way to style your hair before bed so you wake up with your style from the night before still intact — if you have waves, you’ll wake up with waves; if you have straight hair, you’ll wake up with straight hair. We first heard about it from the beauty buffs over at POPSUGAR, who dubbed it a life-changing curly-hair hack. Here’s what it’s all about: You pull all of your hair to the verrrry top and front of your head — as close to your hairline as possible — and put it in either a loose bun or loose ponytail (only wrap your hair about two times so that it doesn’t crease) and let it fall to the front of your face so you don’t end up sleeping on the bulk of your hair, and so, you know, you look like a pineapple. After reading about this hair hack, three B+C ladies with totally different hair types put this method to the test — me included — to see if the pineappling method really works or if it’s just all talk. This is what happened, as told by the pineapple-ers themselves.



Living with curly hair is definitely a love-hate relationship, because my hair has a mind of its own. Sometimes it cooperates and other times it’s a big frizzy mess that takes three products just to tame. Some mornings, I can roll out of bed and my hair is set to go. Thank you, sweet curls, I love you. But most mornings, I’m faced with a mess of janky curls. UGH, the worst. My coworkers suggested I try the pineappling technique to end all of my curly bedhead woes. Why not make a night of it? I did a face mask and threw my curly mop up into a ridiculous bun and went to sleep. The next morning?”


“Managable curls! Not perfect by any means, but not a tangled mess. Still had to touch up my faux-side bangs, but my hair was considerably less frizzy and the curls more managable.”



“When I was first asked to pineapple my hair, I was skeptical until I saw the hack had been tried by the likes of the she-goddess Rihanna. It was in that moment that I decided it was for me. When I wear my hair natural — which is super curly — I tend to sweep it up into a messy bun atop my head before bed. Sometimes, the curls stay intact to sport the next day with minimum to no effort needed to freshen up the next morning. The pineappling process was similar but a little bit more specific in its placement, which was practically on my forehead. I tried it and snapped some pics of my ‘do before bedtime.”


“To my surprise, when I woke up, I found that I was totally “feeling myself” in the morning while I was bopping around with it as I got ready for work — so much so that I actually left it alone and wore it out in public! It was a little uncomfortable in that I wondered if people thought I looked like a crazy person, but in fact, I got quite a few compliments. The best part was I found a new hairstyle to wear when I’m feeling a little bold and want that extra five minutes of sleep.”



“I have slightly wavy hair — I wouldn’t describe it as curly, but it’s also not straight — so I was particularly interested to see how pineappling would work on my hair. As a dry-shampoo-at-night devotee, I typically douse my hair in the stuff and then just sleep on it (hair down), embracing the movement that happens during my sleep because it makes my hair look bouncy in the morning. This style was basically the total opposite. As I placed a huge, loose bun on the very top of my head, I realized I looked 100% ridic, but hey, I’ll do anything to wake up with lovely locks, so I was committed.”


“I woke up the next morning and let my hair down and was happily surprised that I didn’t really need to do anything to my hair except re-style my bangs (something I do every morning anyway). My waves were totally intact and crease-free, and the roots of my hair were super volumized. I’ll definitely be turning to pineappling when I want to roll out of bed with hair that has that casual, tousled look to it (which is basically every day).”

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