Confession: I go days without washing my hair — as in, I can go up to a week without lathering up. I definitely couldn’t go that long without washing my hair if it wasn’t for dry shampoo. I know what you’re thinking — well, duh, everyone knows about dry shampoo. This confession is not about the product itself, but rather how to use it. I have really dark brown hair, so I’ve always found that turning to my trusty shampoo-in-a-can leaves my locks looking straight-up white. It’s also hard to blend in, so it would be an annoying process every time I used it. That’s when I realized I was putting it in totally wrong.


Now, I only use dry shampoo before bed. It sounds counterproductive, but I swear, it works *so much better* than if you use it in the morning. I’ve converted a bunch of my friends and coworkers to this method and I have yet to hear someone say they are going back to spraying the stuff on in the morning. It’s a simple switch that makes a noticeable difference.


What It Is: By using dry shampoo at night, you’re killing two birds with one stone: You’re eliminating oil and getting the added bonus of pumping extra volume into your locks with this technique. Tossing and turning will actually work wonders for the roots of your hair (I promise this is true). You’ll wake up with crazy-looking hair at first — that’s totally free of oil, thanks to the dry shampoo — but once you brush through it, you’ll instantly notice all the volume and shape your hair has. The best part is that usually by the time you wake up, all of the white powder has been totally absorbed, so you don’t have to worry about blending it in at all.

Who Should Use It: Anyone who wants to zap oil and wake up with volumized hair should give this method a try.


How You Should Apply It: Lift up the hair at the front of your head and spray onto your roots — really get it in there. You can be a little heavy-handed with your dry shampoo with this technique, because it’ll be able to soak in all night while you sleep.

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: This is my beauty confession because it’s totally changed the way I go about my hair routine. Now, I can get up to five days’ worth of life out of one wash, which rules. Despite not washing my hair super frequently, it still smells and looks fresh because of the dry shampoo. This method is by far my all-time favorite way to use dry shampoo. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Do you have any dry shampoo hacks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.