If PIXAR characters replaced their Oscar-nominated doppelgängers, the world would be a more beautiful, playful place. Or… it would be extremely, extremely dark. There’s no middle ground there. This series by BREAK.com writer/editor/painter Todd Spence definitely made us look, and look and look and look!

So without further ado, the nominees for the Academy Award for Best Picture are…

1. Gravity: Starring Eve and Wall-E, you’ll never want to let go.

2. Her: Wall-E and Eve are really doubling down on starring roles this year!

3. American Hustle: They’ve come a long way since hustling their way through the restaurant business.

4. Nebraska: The heartbreaker from Up is back in action as an obstreperous, hard-drinking man.

5. Philomena: It’s only natural that the lovebirds from Finding Nemo would be cast as this long lost mother and son.

6. Wolf of Wall Street: This might be the best doppelgänger match up on here! Syndrome was always destined to play a power player.

7. 12 Years A Slave: Frozone from the Incredibles never saw this role coming.

8. Captain Phillips: Merida proved herself in Brave, and is now off to face against Muse, the band leader of a handful of Somali Pirates.

9. Dallas Buyer’s Club: And finally, our favorite toy cowboy Woody delivers a stunning performance as an HIV-positive, homophobic Texan.

Who are you rooting for this year? Have you seen all the films? Plans for Oscar night? Talk to us in the comments below.