We’re a nation obsessed with all things pizza. Anectdotally, we’re always trying to add more to our lives, whether stuffing it into bowls, cooking it on the grill, or adding extra veggies on top so we can feel like we’re doing something healthy while inhaling massive quantities of bread and cheese. Yum! But the cold, hard facts point to our collective obsession too. A new infographic from Donatos Pizza showcases what we like (pepperoni? Yes, please!) and hate (leave the anchovies, for the love of God) about everyone’s favorite food, along with some surprising statistics. We never would have guessed that Halloween is the biggest pizza day of the year, but now we know… and are probably going to get a pie delivered after trick-or-treating, since everyone else will apparently be doing it too. In honor of October, National Pizza Month, check out the infographic below. When you’re done, just try not ordering a pepperoni stuffed-crust for dinner.

National Pizza Month Infographic

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Photo via Pexels/Pixabay