Polka dots have been a major trend of 2012 and we’re betting they stay just as popular for 2013. But instead of just wearing them, why not decorate with them as well? We’re getting dotty with it today and have three super simple polka dot projects for you to try out on your own: polka dot glasses, polka dot napkins, and polka dot drink stirrers. Try them all together for a pretty polka party! (Gosh, alliteration is fun.)


– gold paint pen

– metallic gold acrylic paint

– 1 washer

– glasses of your choice

– cloth napkin

– 1 pencil

– stirrers

– glitter card stock (or glitter paper)

– reinforcement labels

First, the polka dot napkin!

Lay out your napkin on a flat surface. Dip the eraser end of the pencil into the gold paint. Dot your napkin, then dry. If you’re worried about keeping straight lines, you can certainly draw a grid on your napkin before dotting using your pencil. Just make sure to erase the lines once they are dry. Now onto the stirrers!

On the back of your glitter cardstock, trace the washer repeatedly. Cut out with scissors or an exacto knife. Now paint the edges with the gold paint pen. Finally, glue together your sticks and your circles so that you have a circle on each side of the stick.

They’re so cute! Now the final project: polka dot cups.

We used a little hack on this one by taking advantage of paper reinforcements. Put the reinforcements all over the glass in the pattern that you want your polka dots. Then, use the paint pen to color inside the stickers. Remove the stickers once the paint is dry (this should only take a couple of minutes) and you’re done!

Now put all three together projects together and see how beautiful of a place setting you can create. We used our recently made washer coaster under the glass since it had a similar polka dot feel. How fun would this be at a polka dot themed party or wedding?

If you love polka dots like we do, this is the simplest, best project for you. Send us pics if you try it yourself!

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