This week is all about the polka dot here at Brit HQ. With so many polka dot pants popping up at our favorite stores like Anthropologie, Forever 21, and J. Crew, we have gone positively dotty. If you’ve got an old pair of jeans or a pair you never wear, here is the perfect way to turn them into uber-chic patterned pants, and all you need is paint and a pencil eraser!

 – jeans or pants

– fabric paint or screenprinting ink (we love Jacquard)

– pencil eraser (the round kind at the end)

This DIY could not be easier. It definitely takes time and a bit of precision, but we know you can rock it. These pants are best when made listening to a playlist featuring Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige.

Use a Sharpie or fabric pencil to mark the dots before stamping. We eyeballed the dots. Just make sure they’re evenly spaced – you’ll be surprised by how easy this is once you start dotting.

Put a little bit of paint in the cap of the paint you’re using or on a small piece of cardboard or plastic. Place a paper towel underneath. Stamp your eraser in the paint and then roll the edges on the paper towel to make sure you have a clean line.

Stamp. Stamp. And stamp again until you’re done!

We recommend rocking these bad boys with a pair of bright coral pumps.

Repeat with a pair of teal pants (with white dots).

And there you have it. The easiest way to polka dot your pants, and all you need is paint and an eraser! Magic!

How do you transform old clothes into fashion-forward pieces? Let us know your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. And send us a pic if you give this a try via Twitter or Facebook.