With the average wedding costing somewhere between $26,400 and $31,200, it should come as no surprise that folks are starting to get creative to find a more budget-friendly option. But if you don’t want a classic courthouse or a backyard ceremony, it can be a tricky to fund a fun yet affordable alternative – until now that is. Introducing: Pop-up weddings.

This brilliant idea was helmed by officiant Steven Gaudaen and his photographer wife Maggie Gaudaen. They explained to ABC News they were inspired to start their own specialized pop-up wedding company in Washington D.C. in January of 2014 after working separately as big event photographers. “We just didn’t like the stress that goes along with big weddings,” Maggie tells ABC. “Average Washington D.C. weddings are really expensive, they take a long time to plan, and everything is always booked so far in advance, so you have to book your wedding a year out.”

And so Pop! Wed Co. was born. But what exactly does a pop up wedding include? For $2,900 (for a weekday ceremony) or $3,200 (for weekend a ceremony), the duo will meet you at a location in DC, Maryland or Virgina to conduct a legal wedding ceremony, take some fun portraits and send you off with a few keepsakes.

Unlike a traditional elopement, a few guests are allowed. But what really sets this idea apart is the element of adventure and uncertainty. Often Maggie and Steven will work with couples to try out grand locations like Museum of Natural History, where it’s not exactly a guarantee that you won’t get kicked out. In fact, they did try that location once and got “epically” kicked out about half way through. Even if you and your partner aren’t exactly the risk-taking types, something like this could be a fun challenge to get your marriage off to a running start. Just note that that running might be from security.

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(Photos via @moonstompmaggie)