We all know that tacking the word “wedding” onto a product means that vendors get to charge you an arm and leg. It’s like, flowers? No problem. Wedding flowers? Oh, that’s going to cost you. Cake? Sure! Wedding cake? Your firstborn, please. Weddings, generally speaking, are not cheap. Couples in the US spend between $26,400 and $31,200 on average for their big day. But according to USA Today, a considerable portion of the population opted to get hitched for $10,000 or less in 2014. Specifically, 40 percent of couples who got married last year chose to have extremely affordable weddings.

With the rising cost of living, student loans and mortgages, many young couples enter their unions already financially strapped. Therefore, throwing a big expensive wedding is falling lower and lower on the priority list. One awesome way to save some dough on your nuptials is by DIYing a lot of the details or delegating work to talented friends and family members who want to help. Sometimes, you have to get a little creative.

One way you can cut costs is by shaving down the guest list. While you don’t want anyone to feel snubbed, not inviting your old co-worker’s sister and her family of 15 will save you money on catering, the venue and even the cost of rental chairs they sit on during the ceremony. Planning your own wedding versus hiring a wedding planner will also slash the cost (about $3,000 on average).

Of course, forgoing the venue entirely (as it’s often the most expensive part) and having an adorable courthouse wedding is always an option!

Did you manage to pull off a $10,000-or-less wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t USA Today, photos via Getty)