Who knew that the popularity of crowdsourcing platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter would make such a big impact on our manicure game? First there was Le Mini Macaron manicure that lets you DIY a perfect gel manicure in the time it takes to send an e-mail, and now there is a new invention that uses your phone to instantly print custom nail art. Introducing: Nailbot.

Here’s how it works: sync your smartphone up with the small, portable machine via Bluetooth, then open up the complementary app and select a preloaded design, like an emoji, or load your own creation from the camera roll. Next, place your finger in the machine’s cradle, and in about five seconds the printer will use thermal inkjet technology to print the design onto your nail.

The Preemadonna Nailbot is also developing the technology to work with your social networks. Think: reliving your recent vacay Instagrams in the form of nail art.


This revolutionary beauty device is set to retail at $199, but you can score it for $149 by donating to their recently launched Indiegogo campaign. Along with being the first of your friends to get this machine, you’ll also get a color cartridge (good for 5,000 manicures), white polish and the special pre-print polish.

Now for the bad news: It won’t exactly be ready in time for this year’s Christmas list. However, if you secure your machine now, it will ship to backers between October and December of 2016, so really just think of it as a VERY early Christmas present to yourself.

Do you use any cool technology to perfect your manicure? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Indiegogo)