Achieving a flawless manicure is hard. Even with the steadiest of hands, there always seems to be some polish that ends up on your skin instead of your nails, instantly making you feel like you’re a manicure failure. Instead of breaking out the nail polish remover to fix your mani mishaps, open your mind to an entirely new way to get polish on your nails in the first place. It’s seriously mind-blowing.


Nails Inc. has created a totally new way to do your nails that solves the annoying problem of pesky polish mistakes. Their product, called the Paint Can, allows users to literally *spray on* their manicure. Crazy cool, right? Here’s how it works: You spray on your manicure from what looks like a spray paint can. Yes, the color will get all over your hands, but that’s part of the innovative concept here — after they’ve dried, you wash your hands and the color on your skin washes right off. You’re left with a flawless, picture-perfect manicure. Simple as that.

Alexa Chung is a fan (and a spokesmodel for Nails Inc.) and has been promoting the polish potion, so you know it’s legit if a lady who’s in the spotlight swears by it — her nails always have to look fab. You can snag your very own magical mani Paint Can on November 12. Until then, daydream about all the time you’ll save by spraying on your nail polish instead of painstakingly painting it on. This is THE FUTURE, y’all, and we’re ready for it.

(h/t Seventeen; featured photo + photo via Nails Inc.)