Ah, the thick, glossy, perfect hair, the rosy glow and those Victoria’s Secret Angel-level boobs. Yes, these are just some of the perks of pregnancy. Even if you feel like an earthy mama who is totally in touch with all things woman, we’re betting that there are a few parts of being preggo (like the weird ways your body changes!) that you won’t be sad to see go. So, if you’re having one of those “Is it just me?” days, stay calm. Gather ‘round and take comfort in the not-so-awesome parts of pregnancy that you totally won’t miss. Like, ever.

A pregnant woman holds her bump in kitchen window

1. Gassy Lass: It’s not the four chili cheese dogs you just downed that are making you bloat and break wind (okay, maybe they’re not completely innocent in all this!). But pregnancy can make your GI system work a little slower. The result? Gas, gas and more gas.

2. Nosy Issues: You feel an itch in your nose… and it doesn’t seem to want to stop. A dry, itchy (and even bleeding) nose is something that many pregnant women experience. Along with the dryness, you may also have some congestion and stuffiness that last through delivery day.

3. Drooling Diva: When it comes to the pool of drool escaping from your mouth, you rival Fido. And that’s not even mentioning the river flowing down onto your pillow at night. The excess saliva is something that you could do without right now, next week, on your baby’s first birthday… you get the idea.

4. Waddling Away: You used to walk, and had you wanted to strut (catwalk style), you could have done that too. Being pregnant changes your center of gravity and adds weight to different areas. The result is that distinctive pregnant lady waddle. Whether your new way of walking is making it tough to get through a day of work, or you’re getting tired of wearing comfortable (and entirely unattractive) shoes, you’ll be grateful for the return of your regular gait.

5. Discharge on the Double: As your hormones change, you’ll experience plenty of new pregnancy symptoms. One of the least comfortable ones is the increase in vaginal discharge. So, grab a mini pad and look forward to your post-pregnancy days.

6. Morning Sickness: Or, should we call it 24/7 sickness? You wake up queasy, your tummy is turning at lunchtime and, by dinner, you’re just about ready to give up on food entirely. The days of actually enjoying a meal are long gone. Don’t stress. This too — like the other not-so-fine points of pregnancy — shall pass.

7. All the Questions: Yeah, the symptoms suck, and they’re probably what you’ll miss least about pregnancy. But they aren’t the only things that you’ll happily wave goodbye to. The never-ending stream of questions from your BFF, coworker, cousin, aunt, bagger at the grocery store and crossing guard are about to drive you batty. From “So, when are you due?” to “You’re carrying low… it must be a boy?” — the constant questions won’t be necessary when you have a child to show off.

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