Gift wrapping shortcuts are a MUST during the holidays, and you can never have too many at the ready. We’ve given you all the free printable gift tags, butcher paper upgrades and gift wrap hacks, but now we’re back to provide a magical two-in-one solution to last-minute gifting: printable gift boxes. There will be no more sad, last-minute wrap jobs or boring gift bags. Print these (free!) beauties out and fold your way to a festive + stylish gift in no time.


1. Printable House Boxes: The lucky recipient of these gift boxes will definitely want to keep them around as holiday decorations. Use them to wrap stocking stuffers or hang them on the Christmas tree. (via Design Is Yay)


2. Gingerbread House Treat Box: Fill these mini houses with jelly beans, gummy candy or chocolate and give away as gift favors, or just create a your own little village for a table centerpiece or windowsill. (via Lia Griffith)


3. Let It Snow Gift Box: These little boxes are beautiful. Print out the matching gift tags so both your tiny gifts and your big gifts can coordinate perfectly. (via Studio DIY)


4. Joyeux Noel Box: You don’t have to know French to know these little boxes are très adorable. The triangle shape is a fun change from the usual gift shape too. (via Zu)


5. Paper Kitty Box: Did you find the perfect gift for your favorite cat lover? Obviously you’ll gift it in this adorable + printable box. (via Des Petits Hauts)


6. Anatomy Print: Skip the traditional reindeer and candy cane wrapping paper and go for these bold prints featuring eyes and lips instead. It’s the perfect way to gift makeup to your besties. (via Craft Hunter)


7. Reindeer Gift Box: Save a few pom poms and give all these adorable reindeer boxes the red noses they deserve. (via MollyMoo)


8. Christmas Tree Box: No bow required for this cleverly composed little box. Fold it up right and the edges come together to create a mini tree on top. (via The Thinking Closet)


9. Lacy Cutout Boxes: Good things come in small packages… with delicate paper punch designs on top. (via Delia Creates)


10. The Fox Box: This fox is so cute you’ll want to print a few of these just to set around the house. (via Sanglota)

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