If your kitchen is anything like ours during the holidays, then we know it’s full of cookie batter and brownie mix, with the oven running at full blast. After all your hard work making those holiday snickerdoodles and crafting that cake, your desserts deserve more than a paper plate covered in tin foil. Show off those muffins and beautify those bars with packaging that’s as pleasing to the eye as the treats inside will be to the tastebuds. We’ve got 12 printable treat boxes to take your holiday baking to the next level.


1. Wreath Cookie Box: Once your friends get a glimpse at what’s inside, it won’t be long before they’re digging in. (via Mar and Vi)


2. House Boxes: Use these adorable house boxes to wrap up tiny treats and save them for decoration afterwards. Bonus: Two of the printables aren’t holiday themed, so you can use them all year long. (via Design Is Yay)


3. Cookie Envelope: You don’t have to bake an entire batch of cookies for each person on your list. Keep things simple by gifting one or two, and they’ll really savor your sweet treats. (via Going Home to Roost)


4. Three-Sided Candy Box: Calligraphy is everywhere these days, and with good reason. Keep your treats on-trend with this printable. (via Melissa Esplin)


5. Leftovers Container: The best part of any holiday party? Taking home leftovers, of course. Now you don’t have to worry about returning any tupperware. (via Coco + Kelley)


6. Milk Carton Cookie Container: Santa isn’t the only one who likes fresh-baked cookies on Christmas. (via Paper Crave)


7. Geometric Gift Boxes: Even though they may look complicated, all you need to make these fun boxes (a cube, icosahedron and tetrahedron, if you want to get technical) are scissors, a ruler and some tacky glue. Easy peasy. (via Oh Happy Day)


8. Donut Tag: Any excuse to make (and eat) donuts is reason enough for us. (via It’s Always Autumn)


9. Patisserie Treat Box: These boxes are festive for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and every holiday in between. Add some glittery ribbons and your guests will be thrilled to receive your delicious baked goods. (via A Beautiful Mess)


10. Noel Box: Want all your packaging to match? Then this treat box was made for you. Coordinating treat boxes, gift wrap and tags are just a click away. (via Zu)


11. Let it Snow Boxes: These little beauties are just waiting to hold your bite-sized baked treats, and they come with matching labels for any that don’t make it into the box. (via Studio DIY)

free printable diamond shaped paper gift box @linesacross

12. Diamond Paper Box: Do colorful geometric shapes make your heart skip a beat? We’re right there with you. (via Lines Across)

Which one of these free printables will you use to dress up your desserts? Fill us in below.