Whether you鈥檙e a pre-planner or wait until the very last second to pick up gift wrap, tags and gift toppers from the store, free, printable holiday gift tags are here to save the day. Woot! Not only are they totally fun and unique, but they鈥檙e perfect if you don鈥檛 have time to make it out to the crazy-busy shops. Print these 14 gift tags to amp up your gifting game.


1. Geometric Gift Tags: Wish your friends a happy holiday with these fun and bright gift tags. Neon + geometric + hand-lettering = perfect for your trendy friends. (via We Are Scout)


2. Joy to the World Gift Tags: How adorable are these 鈥淛oy to the World鈥 tags? Opt for colored tags that *aren鈥檛* red and green for a unique twist. Bonus: Print off the gift wrap to match your new fave gift tags. (via Brit + Co)


3. Hand-Lettered Quote Gift Tags: Send these to + from tags to the printer and choose the perfect quote for each of your pals. If your fam needs a reminder not to peek, this printable鈥檚 got you covered. (via Persia Lou)

82-645x721 copy

4. Chartreuse + Pink Gift Tags: Go for hues that are totally unexpected. Chartreuse and pink? Oh, we鈥檙e so in. (via Hey Look)


5. Christmas Script Gift Tags: These gift tags take your favorite winter sayings and turn them into modern, scripted beauties. Pop them on your wrapped present and add a bow to take it to the next level. (via Verily)


6. Chic B+W Gift Tags: Not into color? Use this chic black and white option. They鈥檙e especially great if you went a little cray last year and want to opt for a more minimalist gift wrap this time around. (via Oh So Pretty)

32-645x572 copy

7. Face Gift Tags: If you鈥檙e so over the classic holiday theme, print these gift tags with cute faces. Because, why not? (via Oh Happy Day)

62-645x829 copy

8. Traditional Gift Tags: But if you are super into the traditional Christmas festiveness, these tags are the ones for you. It doesn鈥檛 get any more classic than 鈥淢erry Christmas鈥 gift tags. (via Creative Index)


9. Happy Holidays Gift Tags: Combine your love for traditional and modern vibes with this option. Geometric triangles and classic holiday wishes make for one beautiful gift tag. (via Simple as That)


10. Peace, Love + Joy Gift Tags: Give the gift of peace, love and joy with these black and white labels. Pair 鈥檈m with a monochromatic white wrapping job, or stick 鈥檈m on the brightest paper you have. (via Maiko Nagao)


11. Merry + Bright Gift Tags: Break out the watercolors and get your DIY on to make these Christmas labels. Use your favorite colors or stick with the classics 鈥 it鈥檚 up to you. (via Dawn Nicole)

113-645x968 copy

12. Bauble Gift Tags: Use these bauble gift tags and tie your ribbon to make it look like you hung the ornament on the gift. Too cute! (via Fellow Fellow)


13. Candy Gift Tags: Who doesn鈥檛 love candy? Tie off your present with your favorite ribbon and add candy tags for a sweet twist. Brownie points if you include yummy treats with the gift. (via Studio DIY)

132-645x430 copy

14. Ornament Gift Tags: If you have a bunch of scrap gift wrap lying around, put it to good use and tape it to the back of these cutouts to kick your gifting game up a notch. (via Please Note)

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