Thanksgiving is tomorrow. And you know what that means? Christmas is straight-up HERE. We’ve been setting up holiday scenes and sipping on festive bevvies for a few weeks now, but nothing says the holidays are here like realizing that December is basically tomorrow. So, it’s time for us to be your guide. Your gift guide. After all, we’ve spent hours, days, weeks and years curating the web — why not share our expert intel with all y’all?


For today’s picture purrfect gift guide, we’ve teamed up with hip eyewear brand Zenni to curate a collection of kittentastic gifts for cat lovers, owners and self-proclaimed crazy cat ladies.


If you’re not familiar with Zenni, it’s time to get in the know. This stylish spec supplier uses state-of-the-art optical materials to manufacture eyeglasses, made to order just for you. That’s right. No middleman, and glasses are only produced upon order. The result? High-quality glasses that are affordable for everyone. And guess what? They’ve got more than 6,000 frames. What?! Yes. And a few of those frames happen to be just a little bit catty ;)

Now, let’s get gifting.


1. Zenni Cat-Eye Glasses ($12 and up): Starting at the top we’ve got Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($35.95) that instantly bring retro babes to mind. We love the ultra-cool vibe these shades evoke. Next, we’re swooning over these two-tone tortoiseshell Cat-Eye Eyeglasses ($12.95). We opted for the translucent lavender option, complete with playful black polka dots at the top and black temple arms to ground the look. And on the bottom of this stylin’ stack is another pair Cat-Eye Frames ($35.95), with regular lenses rather than sunny ones. Share your own snaps of your Zennis using hashtag #justgotmyzennis.


2. Cat Satchel ($12): I mean, what is this, magic? It’s a cat. It’s a clutch. It’s a cat clutch!


3. Kitten Yarn Glitter Ankle Socks ($8): Those piercing blue eyes are enough to make Ryan Gosling blush. These make a perfect stocking stuffer.


4. Rhinestone Cat Ear Headband ($8): Give those furry black cat ears an upgrade with this blinged-out hair accessory.


5. Purrito T-Shirt ($24): The t-shirt that is sweeping the nation is available right here in the Brit + Co shop. #icanhazcattshirt


6. I Heart My Cat Mug ($10): And you know what? You can feel totally free to ask me about my cat ;)


7. Wooden Cat Clips, Set of 4 ($8): These cat clips are pretty dang cute and would make V fetching gift toppers, especially for the cat lovers on your list.


8. Kikkerland Cat Butt Magnets, Set of 6 ($11): Say it with me: CAT BUTT MAGNETS. Kthxbai.


9. Lucky Waving Cat ($6): You’ve likely seen versions of this lucky little cat on wanders through Chinatown, but this desktop version has totally stolen our hearts. And it’s solar-powered, so it can wave at you all day long.


10. Cat Tape Dispenser ($14): You had no idea you needed a new tape dispenser… until now.


11. Cat Lover Flowy Tee ($38): I feel you, girl.


12. Cat Glasses, Set of 4 ($20): Happy hour called, it wants its glasses back!


13. Kitsch Animal Convertible Gloves ($22): Cozy gloves make for a super cozy and cuddly gift.


14. Cat Measuring Spoons ($15): The cutest part about these is that the cat sizes correspond with the measurements, from kitten to cat.


15. Holiday Cat Enamel Pin ($45): This is one kewl cat.


16. Sally Hansen Real Effects Nail Polish Strips, Cat Call ($8): More into the big cat vibe? Leopard print nail strips are just what the doctor ordered.


17. Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren’t Aware Of by Doogie Horner ($9): For example, cats that wear Christmas sweaters.


18. Funny Side Up Cat Egg Mold ($10): Equal parts morbid and adorable, this is an easy win on Christmas morning.


19. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): If no cat can compare to yours, turn your favorite photo of your feline into a custom pillow. SO snuggly.


Pretty sure Perlman, our resident cat lady, LOVES all these gifts.




This post is a collaboration with Zenni.