Find yourself scrambling to Target minutes before your Mother’s Day brunch just to find the only cards left are those generic, floral cards that look like they’ve been sitting on the shelf for 10 years? We feel you, girl. That’s why we created a colorful printable card for the modern-day last-minute gift giver in you. Print one or print five, but whatever you do, make sure your loved ones know that they’re da best on their special day!



— printable “You Da Best” Mother’s Day card template (download here)

— white copy paper


— color printer

— X-Acto knife or scissors



1. Print the template and cut out the card along the dotted lines.

2. Fold in half and write your message in the inside.

3. Slip into envelope and gift away! (Card measures 4.5 x 5.5 inches when folded.)


To begin, print the template using a color printer and cut out each wrapper on the dotted line. Fold in half, write your message and slip it into an envelope.


This printable is a great way to spare yourself from standing in that checkout line and give the women in your life a little something they won’t be expecting.


Pair it with some macarons and jewelry, and you’ll be winning the favorite-kid award for weeks.


But whatever your budget, just remember it’s the thought that counts. Fancy desserts and jewelry are great, but sometimes all your loved ones need is a little card to let them know they’re appreciated. And now that you have this free one in your possession, you have no excuse not to shower your favorite people in love.


Have a Mother’s Day tradition you and your family carry on every year? Tell us in the comments below!