Well, now all the objects around us are officially brainy. Prizm is a new device that learns your habits and your preferences to predict music you’ll love and make your speakers smarter. It’s like Pandora, Genius, Bose and Spotify all had a beautiful (four-way?) baby together.

Prizm uses the Cloud to draw from your own playlists and music tastes, carefully predicting what it thinks you’re going to like most, whether you’re having friends over for dinner or having a solo dance party in your living room. There’s no need to set up a connection with your phone or input what kind of tunes you’re feeling, because it already knows. How?

Using signals from your phone and wearables, Prizm can identify what’s happening in the room, who’s there and sense the current atmosphere (working, chilling, partying, etc.). That’s CRAZY TALK, but it’s seriously real. You can set Prizm up so that it automatically starts playing music when you enter a room, you can have it play a new song to wake you up and you can even add unlimited users so that all your housemates can enjoy. It will automatically combine you and your roommates’ musical tastes if you want, putting together a playlist you’ll all love.

You know how you like Iron & Wine, but you don’t necessarily like to listen to Iron & Wine when you’re trying to get pumped up for a workout? Well, Prizm understands context — that you definitely want to hear chill music later, but not now. Additionally, it understands you want to keep your music collection fresh, so it helps you add favorites to your own playlists so that when you are out and about you can listen to those new songs Prizm picked out for you. The other nice thing about Prizm is that it’s compatible with other sound systems and speakers, so it’s not an entirely new system replacing your perfectly good existing one. It just helps your system get smarter.

Currently Prizm is raising funds and taking pre-orders on Kickstarter. The company is fairly close to reaching its goal. You can help it get there and get your own Prizm by laying down $119.

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