As far as video proposals go, the latest one to pop up on our radar is by far the sweetest, most tear-inducing yet. Who knows — maybe we’re just a sucker for engagements. Yes. We definitely are.

Anyways, picture this: A guy who has been with his girlfriend for seven years decides he’s ready to pop the question. He’s always wanted to ask her father for his blessing but was unable to because the girlfriend’s dad passed away before he was ready for that big life moment. So, what’s a guy to do, you ask? Well, the boyfriend — Tyler — did the next best thing. He asked then-girlfriend Haylee’s siblings for their individual blessings and documented it all (proposal included) for all of us to shed some tears over. Yep, Tyler wins fiancé of the century. Or, at the very least, year.

Tyler follows up his sibling-asking with a voiceover letter to Haylee’s late father explaining exactly why he loves his daughter and how he plans on taking care of her throughout their future together, assuring him “I’ll make you proud to call me your son.” It all ends with a bended knee moment in Rome on May 31, 2015 — followed by a yes, of course.

And just like that, we’ve gone through an entire box of tissues. Thanks, Tyler. <3

Is this the sweetest proposal video you’ve ever seen? Let us know — or share your favorite — in the comments.

(Photo via @tribetyler)