Okay, technically winter just started, but in our minds it’s *almost* spring. And you know what that means? It’s **almost** summer. And you know what that really means? Wedding season is basically around the corner! But we’re getting a few steps ahead of ourselves. First comes the engagement, of course. In need of a clever way to announce your engagement across the social world? Take a look at 15 pics that totally caught our eye (and we’re not just talking about the fab rings).

1. Using the Pups: Let your dogs announce the big news, because everyone loves seeing your pups on Instagram!

2. Taking Notes: Drop a not so subtle hint with a wedding planner in hand. If you’ve got it open to the date of your wedding, you can kill two birds with one stone.

3. Playing With Scale: Maybe your manicure isn’t on fleek the day you want to announce, but your kid’s hands are a cute enough stand-in and will make the ring look ginormous.

4. Gimme a Hand: An engagement is not just two people coming together — sometimes there’s a dog too!

5. Holy Guacamole: You can shamelessly plug your new bling by snapping a pic of your hand taking a dive on some dip.

6. Photo Memories: Get someone to snap a pic of the proposal and then share that shot with the ring.

7. In the Background: Take a POV shot with your new ice and your future husband in the background.

8. With a View: If you get engaged in a gorgeous setting, make sure to capture the view and, of course, your beaming smiles.

9. On a Mug: When in doubt, write it on a mug. Hey, it’s reusable!

10. Writing It on Your Hand: We love how direct this announcement is. All you need is a Sharpie and someone to take the Insta.

11. Puppy Love: Show off your puppy love with an adorable shot like this one.

12. On One Knee: If you’re lucky enough to have someone hiding to snap the romantic moment, post it for all your friends and family to see too.

13. On a Starbucks Mug: Is Starbucks your guilty pleasure? Ours too. That’s why we’re totally digging this engagement announcement.

14. Say I Do: We love how simple this snap is. It definitely deserves more than three points.

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15. Alter Your Mug: Snap a mugshot like this one for a playful twist on the well-known hashtag. We’re thinking this might start a new #iwokeupwiththis trend.

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)