This Video Is the Best Proposal of 2015 So Far
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This Video Is the Best Proposal of 2015 So Far

People get engaged on the daily and sometimes there are certain pop the question events that break from the pack and get our attention (and give us ideas of how we want to ask or be asked ;) This week gives us an epic proposal video that rivals our previous faves (see: the selfie proposal, the photo booth proposal and the Amazing Race proposal). No matter how many more adorably creative ways people ask the big question this year, we are certain this one will make it to the top of our year-end roundup come December.

Dean Smith knew he didn’t want to do the regular bend on the knee and pop the question routine when he proposed to his gf Jennifer Kessel. So when he realized he wanted to marry the love of his life he decided to make a countdown (according to Dean, Jennifer loves a good countdown) to showcase just how much he thinks of her on the daily (cue the awws + tears).

After taking Jennifer on a trip and then surprising her with her loved ones, she took a seat on the beach to watch her man ask her the age old question 364 times before he appeared behind her to ask her in person for the final time. Of course she said yes — wouldn’t you after a project that timely + filled with love?

Is this your new favorite viral proposal? Let us know in the comments.