That was unfair, we know where your mind is going now — shed the pesky five pounds you wanted to lose post-holidays? [hand clap!] Finished off a plate of Nestle Tollhouse during a Friends Netflix binge with your buds? [animal that goes oink] Qardio isn’t *quite* there but we’re still picking up what it’s putting down on the ground in front of us, starting with their wireless smart scale, Qardiobase.


Qardiobase is one of three products from the connected healthcare system on display right now at CES 2015 that also includes Qardioarm, a smart (and colorful btw) blood pressure monitor, Qardiocore, a Wii-lookin’ device that’s actually a medical grade EKG/ECG. You step on Qardio’s slim, smart scale and it will respond with one of three emoticons not just based on your lbs, but based on the big picture that is your health and your overall goals. Weight is a lot more than just a number and this scale understands that. It instantly recognizes you and measures your BMI, body fat, muscle, water and bone composition as well. From all that, its simple reading will be :) :| or :(


While seeing a smiley face down at your toes is way more satisfying than any number, those digits can be important too and will be accessible on the company’s corresponding app (free on Android and iOS). If you’re encouraged to know more about what bummed out that sad face, you can unlock exactly what contributed to that frown by comparing your health data within Qardio’s app. And if you don’t need all those numbers in the AM, they’ll be stored to track over time. We get it. You’re just starting your day, bb!


Besides being a scale that encourages you to think about your health as a whole, Qardiobase has a bonus for soon-to-be moms. What sets it apart from the pack of connected scales trying to edge their way into your bathroom is that it will take into account that you’re pregnant when weighing you. Your regular old scale will just shout a number at you, which, even if you have esteem of steel, might not excite you. Qardiobase will take into account who you are, how far along you are and still give you that :) instead of a penalty if you’re just, you know, growing a human inside you.

Keep an eye out for Qardiobase, which will be available this spring. This was one of the first things to catch our eyes at CES, but we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more straight from Brit + Co @ CES 2015 to you!

Would you swap your scale for a Qardiobase? New moms, do you wish you had this in your home? Are you like, psh, I’m all about my smart scale already? Share your thoughts below!