Once thought taboo, prenatal workouts and fitness classes are popping up everywhere. Done in moderation, keeping fit during pregnancy is known to reduce pre- and postpartum depression, aid in shedding that dreaded baby weight and has even been shown to shorten labor. It’s a win-win for baby and mom during those long exciting nine months and beyond. Here are eight simple exercises when you’re staying fit for two ;)

1. Yoga: Prenatal yoga is an ideal way to stay in shape during your pregnancy. With little — if any — impact on your joints, this age-old practice keeps you limber, tones your muscles and improves your balance and circulation. It also comes in handy during labor by helping you stay focused on breathing and relaxation. (via Mayo Clinic, image via Pregnancy Workouts)

2. Swimming: One of the safest and simplest ways to exercise during your pregnancy, swimming helps relieve common complaints such as back aches and swelling. Not only do you feel light as a feather in the pool, but it helps increase circulation by taking pressure off your hard-working back, legs and feet. (via Baby Center, image via Merdeka)

3. Weight Lifting: Light strength training during pregnancy can be a great way to prep those biceps for a baby in one arm and heavy diaper bag in the other. Lifting is also a wonderful way to practice handling the 90-second intensity and release of the muscle pain you will experience during labor. (via Pregnancy Workouts)

4. Exercise Ball: Used as an aid in relaxation, comfort and physical relief during labor, the birthing ball can also be used to strengthen core muscles. Easy wall sits keep you fit by targeting those thighs and bottoms. (via Baby Zone, image via Pure Pilates)

5. Jogging: No need for a motivational speech after watching 34-week pregnant Alysia Montano run the 800. For running newbies, pregnancy isn’t the time to start training hard. Light running or jogging are easy ways to get your blood flowing and give yourself the mental and physical boost you need when feeling tired. (via Baby Center, image via Women’s Running)

6. Biking: Whether a beginner or pro, biking with a bump has many advantages, one being a low-impact fitness routine. Though there are risks involved, such as falling, stationary cycling offers the same benefits as its counterpart. And as your bump grows and balance changes, you may find static cycling an easier alternative. (via Livestrong)

7. Walking: Sounds obvious, but walking is the easiest form of fitness to engage in during every trimester of pregnancy. Just 150 minutes of walking per week helps with weight loss post-baby, aids in better quality sleep and promotes core strength to help carry that seemingly never-ending growing bump. (via Baby Center, image via Fit Mamma)

8. Kegel Exercises: Any new mom will tell you that going to the bathroom after giving birth will never be the same again, but with some simple do-anywhere exercises, you can help mitigate that. Known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegels help strengthen the very muscles that help support your uterus, bladder and bowels. Not all agree on this one, but some women who keep up with this silent little exercise during pregnancy and after, report easier births as well as quicker perineal recovery. (via American Pregnancy Association, image via Berry Diaries)

What exercises did you/do you do during your pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.