Attention people everywhere: Friends is coming to Netflix in just TWO days. All 10 seasons. 236 episodes. We guess all those productivity goals are headed straight out the window. An event as epic as this calls for an epic celebration. So why not kick off 2015 with a Friends viewing party? Send out those invites, get your TV queued up and let’s dive head first into friendship group we all (not so) secretly wish we belonged to.


1. Turn your place into a coffee shop. Friends wouldn’t be Friends without Central Perk. Transform your place into a makeshift coffee shop by setting up a coffee bar and an assortment of mismatched mugs (or ask everyone to bring their favorite from home). Also, if you can borrow a few comfy chairs for ample episode viewing that would be a definite bonus. (via Katie Hedge and Nisa Marie Photography)


2. Have an Archaeology Feast. Create these clever fossil cookies as an ode to Ross’ archaeology career. We’re guessing this would make both Monica and Ross proud. If you’re looking for something else for folks to munch on, pop some dino nuggets in the oven and stack them on skewers for a cute yet totally easy snack that both kids and adults will enjoy. (via Martha Stewart)


3. Play Friend’s Trivia. Who can forget that episode where Monica and Rachel team up against Joey and Chandler to battle it out for Monica’s epic apartment? If you’re throwing a soiree with your closest buds, play the role of moderator, split your friends into teams and dish out questions about each of your pals to see who knows each other better. If you have a bigger group, bust out a game of “People Bingo.” (via Elephanitine)


4. Mix Up Chanberry Cocktails. Considering we’ve moved on past Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, why not play up the recurring “chanberry” joke in a fresh way. Rather than creating a cranberry sauce like Chandler does in the show, mix up these delicious Cranberry Pear Ginger Fizz cocktails. (via Brit + Co)

5. Sing Phoebe Karaoke. Print out a songbook of the lyrics to all of Phoebe’s songs from the show (most are just a few lines). Then play this video on the big screen, grab a drink and sing along.


6. Friend’s Quote Drinking Game. Get your guests to think of some of their favorite recurring quotes or mannerisms from the characters in the show and create a drinking game out if it. If you’re really trying to have a good time, we suggest taking a swig every time Joey asks a lady, “How you doin’?”

What’s your favorite episode of Friends? Share with us in the comments below.

(Feature image via NBC)