Wearables aren’t just about tracking your steps and your calories these days. At CES 2015, taking account of your health took centerstage and this revolutionary chronic pain reliever was the star of that show. This definitely isn’t your average Advil or medically prescribed Morphine. In fact it’s 100% drug free. It’s called Quell and it’s about to vastly improve the quality of life for many who are suffering from diabetes, fibromyalgia and severe degenerative knee conditions.


Quell is a wearable that once you put on, you might never want to take off. Lightweight, comfortable and so thin that clothes can be worn over it, you strap it onto your upper calf where it can send signals to sensory nerves all the way up to your brain. Neuro pulses are then triggered in your brain, which creates a natural response of blocking pain signals all throughout your body. It’s entirely drug-free and is now an FDA cleared prescription.


Putting it on is simple. Just snap the electrode to the band, strap the wearable to your upper calf and push the button to begin the sensory nerves process. You should start feeling relief in as quick as 15 minutes. If chronic pain is keeping you up at night, you can even sleep with your Quell on. On top of providing complete pain relief, this wearable automatically tracks your therapy and sleep quality. You can view all your stats via the corresponding smartphone app. The best part is that the device is totally in sync with your body so it knows how to apply the appropriate levels of relief to ensure you go throughout your day painless and so you can sleep peacefully at night.


Quell will be available this coming spring so be sure to sign up on their website to receive pre-order info.

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