Rebecca Minkoff is certainly no stranger to innovation. The clothing and handbag designer has made wearable tech chic and was a pioneer in the concept of 鈥渟ee now, buy now鈥 fashion shows. Now she鈥檚 releasing a collection of 鈥渃onnected鈥 handbags that retail for $295 and are exclusively available at her pop-up shop in Los Angeles at The Grove on February 3. But the coolest part is the purses also include a hangtag that doubles as a ticket for her Spring 2017 show on February 4 in LA.

Rebecca partnered with packing materials company Avery Dennison and software company Evrythng on a series of 10 limited-edition handbags called #ALWAYSON. In addition to a ticket to the follow day鈥檚 show, the hangtag also qualifies the owner for a loyalty program, styling services and a ticket to next year鈥檚 show.


鈥淲hen you look at bags, you have this beautiful item that you鈥檙e taking with you everywhere, but on its own, it has no life,鈥 she told Women鈥檚 Wear Daily. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not connected. It holds your stuff and it looks good, but what if this thing could carry out a role or a function within this larger, connected world that we鈥檙e moving into? What鈥檚 the future of a handbag in a digitally connected world in the internet of things?鈥

It sure looks like we鈥檙e on the way to finding out.

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(h/t Women鈥檚 Wear Daily; photo via Rebecca Minkoff)