You might be bummed that summer is coming to an end, but at least we have New York Fashion Week to get out of bed for, amirite?! Besides the usual (more eyebrow selfies of Cara D than you can double tap + gratuitous daydreaming about what tropical location would be best for accenting each piece of resort wear) there’s something a little unexpected getting us excited about this week these days: tech on the runway. From 3D printing to laser cutting, our favorite tech tools are new friends with sewing machines, looms and the like. This year, Rebecca Minkoff is sending two new Bluetooth-connected accessories down the aisle that you might want in your wardrobe even more than her shoes and handbags.

The fashion designer is joining the geek chic club with tech jewelry debuting during her Spring 2015 runway show this week. There’s a lightning cable bracelet that will retail for $60 and let you charge or sync your phone with just a flick of the wrist, plus an edgier gold, chain link bracelet featuring pyramid studs on a bar ($120) that lights up to notify you when certain people are calling or texting.

To compete with the rest of the wearable wearables popping up on the runway, on Kickstarter and on the Must Buy boards of our Pinterest accounts, Minkoff’s foray onto the scene definitely checks the want-to-wearable box. The designer also understand the equally important element: function. “As a woman, I understand the stigma that goes along with having my phone out at a dinner or meeting, but the fact is that I still need to be tapped in to a few people no matter what. I designed the notification bracelet with the working professional woman in mind,” Minkoff tells WWD.

We were excited to see what Tory Burch had in store for FitBit and applaud Google Glass’s stylish turn with DVF, but Rebecca’s pieces feel like the most wearable of the mainstream bunch so far. And with a November release date, they could finally be the must-have tech-ccessory on holiday wish lists for more folks in your family than just, well, you. And us.

Although we love that she’s joining Ringly and QBracelet in our WiFi enabled jewelry boxes, if this is successful we hope to see some tech aspects brought to goodies Rebecca Minkoff is known for — purses that charge up, a clutch that notifies you who’s trying to reach you, a wallet with an embedded tracker that can prevent you from ever losing it, or even some GPS-connected heels that can help you get from A to B looking as stylish as ever.

What do you think of Rebecca Minkoff’s first wearables? Are they your favorite yet, or do you want to see more from

(h/t InStyle)