Love has a relentless knack for making us do crazy things. Jack gave his spot to Rose on the raft. Romeo poisoned himself to be with Juliet. But where鈥檚 the line? Is there one? Luckily for us, we鈥檙e living in an era where there is a study on everything from Netflix habits to how healthy pasta really is, so yes, we have an answer. UK website YouGov recently polled 1652 people to discover exactly what their biggest deal breakers are in a relationship. One of the biggest ones might surprise you.

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Let鈥檚 start with the four life changes folks were most likely to make for someone else: 73 percent said they鈥檇 be willing to relocate within the county, 66 percent said they鈥檇 be willing to quit smoking, 49 percent said they鈥檇 be up for a move abroad and a surprising 45 percent admitted they鈥檇 even stop drinking for their soulmate.

And for those top deal breakers: Only 29 percent said they鈥檇 give up a job. A dismal 14 percent would cut off ties with a friend and only a mere five percent are willing to change their religion. But perhaps the most surprising deal breaker of them all? Vegetarianism. Only 24 percent of people surveyed said they would give up meat for their S.O. It seems like that late-night diner dash is more important for relationship bonding than one might have thought.

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As far as looks go, if you鈥檙e trying to start a Cher Horowitz-level makeover on your boo, it might be a lost cause. Only 23 percent of people admitted they would change the way they look for their other half. And rightly so 鈥 you do you, boo!

If you鈥檙e planning on making a big ask of your partner, when鈥檚 the perfect time to do it? Unfortunately, science hasn鈥檛 quite figured that one out yet. However, YouGov does mention that most feel somewhere around the two-year mark is appropriate. Only one of five people would make a life-changing request before then.

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