As part of Re:Make SF, we’ve partnered with all sorts of amazing artisans to bring them to all of you, both offline at the festival and online in the Shop Re:Make Collection. But it’s not just about handmade goods here at Brit + Co — it’s about the makers’ stories behind them. Here’s a peek into what inspires 10 of our favorite makers, who you can meet at Re:Make this weekend.

If you’re not on the Re:Make train, get on it! The festival is happening THIS SATURDAY September 13th at Fort Mason here in San Francisco. Register for your free ticket right here. Now, let’s hear from these makers!


AN ASTRID ENDEAVOR: Astrid lives in San Francisco with her sweet, feisty little daughter. One of her other hats is as Child Life Specialist in a hospital where she works with kids playing and helping them through the hospitalization process. All spare time is devoted to her creative process that mostly revolves around adornments for the body.

Why she loves to make: “I feel driven — compelled to create things. I love using my own two hands to shape and make something from the creative ideas I have which are influenced by all the beauty around me and the experiences I am having living this fantastic wild ride of life!”

Our fave product: Spring Bib Geometric Necklace ($65)


LEMONWOOD IMPRINTS: Francesca Greggs is a designer and illustrator with a fever for data visualization. After doing grant research in a number of countries around the globe and designing in Brooklyn for several years, she now finds herself pursuing her creative passion in San Francisco. Her favorite things include large scale art heists, robot love stories, thank-you notes, Joan Didion, and otters.

Why she loves to make: “I am caught up in the make-to-live and live-to-make cycle, and I am never leaving. The creative life is a hot one, stoked by the possibility of things to make and people to make with.”

Our fave product: Day for a Daydrink ($42)


YELLOW WALLPAPER: Although Erika Aboites love all things colorful (especially fabric), she’s usually dressed in black. Black is her happy color.

Why she loves to make: “I love the entire process of seeing my ideas come to life, from drafting pattern pieces to closing up seams. As cheesy as this sounds (and i know it sounds cheesy) I just have a deep desire to create.”

Our fave product: PS Wild Clutch ($46)


MELANIE ABRANTES: In today’s society, we have forgotten the concept that quality products take time to make. Oakland-based designer, Melanie Abrantes believes in making handcrafted heirloom objects from cork and wood that are both functional and beautiful.

Why she loves to make: “I love to make because I love seeing the joy on peoples faces when they hold a product that I designed and made with my own two hands. There isn’t anything more gratifying than that!”

Our fave product: Large Cork Planter ($60)


FUTURE GLORY: Future Glory Co. believes in a better tomorrow. We believe that business is a means to support social change and that premium products can be an output of social entrepreneurship.

Why they loves to make: “We love to make because it allows us to combine our love for design and social causes into a singular mission.”

Our fave product: Presidio Tote ($175)


YOUR NEST INSPIRED: Inspired by a solution to a problem, all of Your Nest Inspired’s items are designed and handcrafted by me, Anna Noel, out of my home in Santa Rosa, CA. Simplifying your life, with clean lines, and understated products.

Why she loves to make: I began Your Nest Inspired to develop and create functional products to enhance your lifestyle. Amid homes filled with mass produced plastic gadgets, I wanted to warm it up, and bring your nest back to nature.”

Our fave product: iPhone 5 and 5S Maple Stand ($17)


A HANDCRAFTED HOME: Brittany Castellano is the designer and maker for the shop, A Handcrafted Home. She creates textiles and art prints featuring colorful palettes and patterns to make your home happy.

Why she loves to make: “The most rewarding part of being a maker is getting to see a design that I’ve been dreaming about come to life.”

Our fave product: Colorful Triangles Print ($18)


AEGIS HANDCRAFT: Aegis Handcraft is an ongoing project that started in a living room, with the belief that goods can be all American made, affordable, last forever, and have a great story behind them. After all, it’s not just the end product that matters, but how it was made, and where its materials came from.

Why they love to make: We take great pride in making quality goods that don’t just last forever, but get better with age.”

Our fave product: Taylor Tablet Sleeves ($68)


DROP: Ben Harris was born into an entrepreneurial, food-industry family. As an industrial designer, he has brought countless components to mass production and market in Asia, the UK and Ireland. Ben’s favorite creation to bake is a Rhubarb Orange and Ginger Crumble he’s made since he was a boy.

Jack Phelan is a seasoned technologist and designer in software development and engineering who’s designed and built many custom technological solutions over the years–from cycling robots to home automation systems. Jack’s love of baking began with his granddad always having a hot fresh-baked loaf of bread waiting when Jack would come to visit.

Why they love to make: “The whole Drop team are creative technologists, designers, but more important than any of this, we’re all real foodies at heart. Personally, I love to create, it’s an outlet that I’ve been using since I was a kid. I love to draw, design and cook. If I wasn’t an Industrial Designer I would have been a cook, so it’s great to marry those passions with a pipeline of products that will get people back in the kitchen to make great food that they are proud to share.”

Our fave product: Drop Smart Kitchen Scale ($80)


ARTS DISTRICT PRINTING CO.: Arts District Printing Co. is a collaboration between photographer Jonathan Ventura’s Anon_Y_Mouse and Hammer And Spear, a design collective founded by interior designer Kristan Cunningham and husband, Scott Jarrell. The trio formed a partnership in 2014 with the goal of bringing their travel-inspired art to a larger market.

Why they love to make: We believe that good design should be available to everyone. Our goal is to create attainable art that showcases the beauty of American parks and cities. By photographing unexpected icons like bridges and street art, we hope to inspire customers to celebrate the beauty of their environments.”

Our fave product: You Are Here SF ($40)

Remember if you’re in the SF area this weekend, we’d love to see you at Re:Make on Saturday, September 13th.

Do you love to shop handmade? What makers should we check out? Talk to us in the comments below.